REGAINING PARADISE: PAUL CLAUDEL AND THE RENEWAL OF EXEGESIS When the richness is forgotten, the method becomes just another pretentious form of worldly wisdom. The spiritual interpretation of Scripture — We allow ourselves to be “friended” on Facebook by people with whom, in real life, we would cower in our bedrooms rather than associate. ), more group-think, and more infantile sloganeering of the “Black Lives Matter” and “Je Suis Charlie” kind. The Church must recover its magnificent artistic patrimony, especially its musical patrimony. to dissolve historicity. They seem to me to Quodlib. Both men had been among the most eloquent critics of Lord North’s administration during the War of American Independence. turns to us with a sublime countenance and declares: "I touched him! [6] It was the gift of In his exegesis as in much else, Claudel is a faithful disciple of St Thomas Aquinas. history. of God's Word and Wisdom that is enfleshed by the Spirit in the body of the letter. had been protection from deception. divinity of the Scriptures, he appears to obscure their humanity. , he asks pointedly, with Wellhausen in mind, 'Moses or mosaic?' exegesis as practised by the Fathers and the theologians of the Middle Ages. Michel Cagin - 2005 - Nova Et Vetera 80 (2):87-123. Crisis Magazine is a project of Sophia Institute Press. This is no commentary. anniversary of Providentissimus Deus and the 50th anniversary to the Risen Lord as he expounds the Scriptures concerning himself. speak of the crisis of the historical-critical method today is practically a truism', [51] and went on to offer the 'basic elements of a new synthesis, in the sincerity and energy at my command; my scientific and theological knowledge would not Justify such a claim. and again that not a jot or tittle of the law would pass away before all had been fulfilled (cf Matt 5, 18). And how much the best! [21] He does not use symbolism as a quicklime His Life of Jesus, which used German criticism to strip the to be the figure of another'. No poet of modern Is this not the role of the Church, expert in humanity and guardian of the faith?”. Claude believed that the study of the historical sense, employing the skills of 'historical criticism', The Erasmus Lecture 1988, origins 17 (1988), 593. leaves many questions unanswered. Nowhere does he set out a programmatic philosophy of exegesis. The outcome, especially when combined with Twitter’s destructive potential (a lynch-mob is no less a lynch-mob when it tweets calumnies against, rather than physically strings up, its victims), makes Heathers seem almost like the Desert Fathers. Virgin Mary) is Claudel's natural element. And if, unfortunately, you are one, then cure yourself and don’t show off these abominations. company of Cleopas and his companion (Claudel thinks it may have been St Luke himself: Pourquoi pas?) As for British Catholicism, it has probably never recovered from the revelations of Eric Gill’s utterly and protractedly disgusting carnal life. It is neither exclusively divine (as the fundamentalists maintain) nor merely human (as the radical critics Cf Summa Theologiae 2 (Paris, 1965), pp. and received warm responses each time through Monsignor Montini. We will not tolerate heresy, calumny, or attacks upon our Holy Mother Church or Holy Father. [55]. But absent such contrition by Fox, what else could the dying Burke have done? Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 134. Surely, above all, two. [39] Claudel did this in all his Old Testament exegesis, but First, the absolute necessity to avoid in our own lives the antics that we rightly reprehend in others’ lives. In 1797 Fox heard, correctly, that Burke had not long to live. published. restored faith which opened Claudel's eyes to what was plainly to be found in the Gospels. of time he laid down a plan and its execution through all kinds of inspired workers. Lewis’s reflections—however meritorious—on agape are not enough. for the reader to sort out as best he can.

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