compact plant. Rhododendron 'Yaku Sunrise' flowers are broadly campanulate, 2¾" across, rose-pink, edges and reverse darker. ‘Shrimp Girl’ – compact growing;salmon-pink flowers; M, Blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 6+ feet tall. Leaves are elliptic, concave with wavy edges & dull, olive green colored. 'Rosamundi' - pale pink; early flowering! 'Holstein' - pale lavender-pink with dark blotch; M-L; hH 'Furnivall's Daughter' - wellknown; pink with blotch; M; hH Leaves are thick, glossy, dark green & heavily veined; coppery bronze when new. pink with darker border. Broad, well-branched, grows twice as wide as tall & tolerates full sun. Produces conical-shaped trusses with 10-18 flowers. 'Grumpy' - salmon-pink flowers; fine leaves! Flowers are funnel-shaped & cream colored getting darker towards base, very lightly flushed paler than pale purplish-pink & spotted moderate orange on the dorsal lobe. Flowers are openly funnel-shaped, fuchsine pink fading to white & upper lobe is spotted green. If for some reason you can't find what you're looking for in our stock, you can order directly from Monrovia & have it shipped here to the nursery for FREE! Has an upright habit, blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 5 feet tall. Rhododendron 'Dexter's Glow' has openly funnel-shaped flowers with frilly lobes, 3½" across, purplish-red with lighter throat and dark red ring around base of petals. 'Diana' - salmon-pink; from Bruns; M; hH to H Rhododendron evergreen shrubs maintain year-round interest as they don’t lose their leaves. It also tolerates full shade. 'Linda' - williamsianum#; bronze new leaves; M; C Blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 3 feet tall. Leaves are a dull, dark green on this fairly compact, upright habited plant. Trusses hold 18-20 flowers. Has yellow-green flowers with "flashy" purplish-pink margins. The flowers have a white background with ruffled dark pink to red edges & a deep red smudge on the upper lobe. Produces dome-shaped truss with 15 flowers. Leaves are elliptic to narrowly elliptic, convex, glossy & bullate above with orange indumentum below. Stands up to heat as well as cold. Broadly funnel-shaped light pink flowers with slightly wavy edges & dark pink splotches on upper lobes. A sweetly-colored, salmon-pink, ruffled rhododendron with a captivating yellow throat. Silvery white with pink colored ball-shaped trusses develop on a compact growing plant. A compact & well branched shrub. hH. rhododendron Some reddening of leaves in winter occurs on this compact, very dense growth habit. Flowers are openly funnel-shaped with wavy edges & purplish-red colored margins shading to light purplish pink in throat with purplish-red spots on dorsal lobe. A large leafed variety with dark green leaves, a superb compact form & mounding growth habit. a beauty!! A stunning, large growing variety that has bright, rose pink with red flowers with a light scent. Glossy, medium green leaves on a good growth habit. Rhododendron cephalanthum ssp. 'Rosita' - yak#; crenate flowers + yellow blotch; M\L; C to hH. Lush glossy green foliage accents the clusters of intense pinkish purple spring flowers. Flowers are held in relaxed trusses of 4 to 7. 'Germania' * - well known; pink-red; M; hH Flowers are tubular funnel-shaped to widely funnel-shaped with wavy lobes & are white with pink colored mottling at edges both inside & on reverse. to help give you the best experience we can. Many flower forms and flower variations are available. Blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 3 feet tall. 'Frühlingsanfang' - yak# from Flowers are openly funnel-shaped with wavy-edges & have an inside pale purplish pink coloring with deep red feathered margin with an outside strong purplish red coloring & deep purplish red blotch & spots. Rhododendron 'Nathan Hale' flowers are openly funnel-shaped, 3½" across, fragrant, purplish red with purplish-pink center and a red blotch. Has a rounded, open habit & tolerates full shade. light pink flowers like trumpets; ML, C ‘Simona’ – crème-pink flower + dark dots; M, hH\ H. And I will also mention rhodos with flowers more or less red-pink and lavender-pink. Blooms mid to late spring & reaches roughly 4 feet tall.

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