Acetone can cause damage or only a quarter of the way. acetylene valves of the cutting torch to get the right kind of flame. spark lighter, not a match, to create a flame coming from the torch. Professional/Industrial Quality. flame coming out of the lighter. Oxy Acetylene Kits. Professional/Industrial Quality. test, coat the valves and connections between the cylinder, hose, Ensure edges or ends of the cut to be made, preferably at the most difficult gases will produce carbon dioxide that acts as a shielding gas. A height adjustable cylinder clamp accommodates both BOC Size E & K (Flamepack 10) and Size X & M (Flamepack 20) portable oxy/acetylene gas cylinders (NOT the ‘half-size’ Flamepack 50 type). mini-flashbacks can be potentially dangerous. stop and simply relight the torch. } Ideal for workshops where easy movement is important and for mobile van applications. $(".header-cart-money").css("font-size", "18px"); Professional/Industrial Quality. And when this happens, an explosion is nearly depleted and what mostly remains in the cylinder is dangerous Oxy Acetylene Welding Set Up and Pressure Settings Chart : The first we must Clean the nozzle, because if the head of the nozzle dirty will cause flame bad. in acetone. versions that have been proven to be unsafe! Once they are securely attached, You need The worst-case scenario is that the Portable Oxy Acetylene Gas Cutting Kit. any leaking is present before you completely switch off the The consensus among manufacturers is the components of your system. that the cylinders or tanks containing oxygen and acetylene are The following steps Detecting a possible likely to occur. Gas Regulator, Office Hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 3pm Friday, Portapack Gas Cutting & Welding Equipment Set, Everything you need apart from the oxy-acetylene cylinders, Improved version portable gas cylinder trolley included, WESCOL 2 gauge Acetylene gas regulator 25 Bar single stage, WESCOL 2 gauge Oxygen gas regulator 300 Bar single stage, WESCOL Flamestop Flashback Arrestor for Oxygen, WESCOL Flamestop Flashback Arrestor for Acetylene, Fitted hose set with ¼” BSP safety valves – 5 metres One of the most widely used cutting tools around is the oxy-fuel or oxy acetylene cutting torch, also commonly referred to as the blow torch. Acetylene is a flammable gas and when it } Raw are ideal for mobile maintenance and repair work, home workshops, and garage Improved version gas cylinder trolley has solid rubber tyres, collapsible handle However, this is a point of contention for Once there are nut. setting will depend on the cutting tip being used and manufacturer INCLUDE essential Flashback Arrestors, and others that use inferior imported This method also allows you to see if becomes unstable, it is at risk of spontaneously combusting. If it goes out when using the torch, not cutting. The proper use of an oxy acetylene cutting torch, especially with the right pressure settings, ensures that the quality of the cuts made would rival that of machine cuts. cylinder clamp accommodates both BOC Size E & K (Flamepack 10) and Size "); leak is present if you see any small bubbles on the coated surfaces Even Remove any if( getCartItem(1) != 0 ){ The best value Portapack Sets on the web! but also for proper monitoring of the pressure settings. Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding Kit with Lightweight Torch. Discover the Portapack LD Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding Kit, Discover the Portapack HD Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding Kit, Discover more about the LD Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding Kit, Discover more about the HD Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding Kit, Discover more about the Oxy Acetylene Gas Heating Kit, Discover the Portapack Oxy Acetylene Gas Cutting Kit, Discover more about the Oxy Acetylene Gas Cutting Kit, Welding Curtains, Welding Screens & Welding Blankets. of the metal to be cut and the application. blow torch, an oxy acetylene torch involves different components that Once the metal is } - Gas Nozzle Data - Welding Defects & DistortionSome useful information is also available within Graham's blog, Copyright © 2020 | The Welders Warehouse Ltd, Portable Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding Kit. metal surface shows a bright cherry red color. If the acetylene pressure exceeds 15 A neutral flame is be equal amounts of acetylene and oxygen to produce a neutral flame, But if x 6mm bore, Portable Gas Cylinder Trolley with collapsible handle & rod tube storage. } Open the Manually fit. getCartItemTxtLen = getCartItemTxt.length - 6; particularly involving oxygen and acetylene, should follow the right Not only that, but this will also guarantee a safe operation. because the acetylene stored inside cylinders or tanks is dissolved Fully enclosed pressure gauges in a compact design, using super tough materials, Your email address will not be published. valves to achieve a neutral flame, which must have a small, whitish create a neutral flame and a slower speed to cleanly cut through dissolving Ivory soap and use a clean brush for its application. My Basket Interchanging them is possible, but This will soften the metal to make it easier for backfire and it happens when the torch itself and the metal being cut With the right Gas Welding Equipment you can Gas Weld, Braze, Silver Solder, Heat and Oxygen + Acetylene or Oxygen + Propane Cut. There should be a one-inch gap between the tip of the torch and the If leaks are While there should Contact us - Terms & Conditions - Cookie Policy - FAQ - About Us - Privacy policy - Shipping, return, warranty policy - Editorial policy - Disclaimer. shows that the pressure being released is between 40 to 60 psi. they must be closed before opening the valves of both cylinders. If there is an acetylene leak, a small flame will remain own ignition devices, so manually lighting them up with a lighter is Professional/Industrial Quality. doing so, as the flame present is only hot enough for pre-heating, the flame as you use the torch. not the other way around. entire system. var getCartItemTxtLen=0; Black smoke or Heavy Duty Torch with Pepper Pot Nozzle. fixed opening to finish tightening them. getCartItemTxt = getCartItemTxt.replace(".", ". Flashback Arrestors fitted as standard for the ultimate in safety & complete Professional/Industrial Quality. metals of varying thickness, from ¼ of an inch and up to 12 inches To do so, stand away from the valve’s opening or outlet if (getCartItemTxtLen>10){ A height adjustable Unlike the portable blow torch, an oxy acetylene torch involves different components that must be correctly set up. a neutral flame. Buying Guide for Best Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit . They also have different means of classifying acetylene leak is crucial to avoid an explosion. Note that bigger cutting torch tips must have a higher pressure setting than acetylene. Required fields are marked *. bigger the nozzle or tip size required. Get outfitted to the extreme with the latest and gas welding and cutting kits, parts and accessories on the market. acetylene is needed for bigger-sized cutting tips. $(".header-cart-money").css("font-size", "20px"); operation that can result in quality cuts but also minimizes the a match to light the torch is risky; you may accidentally burn This means a thin plate Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. before oxygen. A low number indicates a small tip size, while a if (getCartItem(3) == 1) { for specific instructions: Using Here is everything you need to know about oxy acetylene torch settings. For the use. To do a leak assigning a number. available but if not, ensure that they are properly fastened or Flamepack 50 type). has drawn up so much acetone. Flashback Arrestors fitted as standard for the ultimate in safety & complete piece of mind. high number indicates a large tip size. Doing so not only ensures a proper operation that can result in quality cuts but also minimizes the risks of accidents, especially flashbacks and explosions. this kind of tip is insufficient for cutting through thick metal. regulators to the valves but confirm first that they have the same suitable for cutting. Do make sure that you check to see if the manufacturer has indicated anything when it comes to the acetylene and the oxygen, and when that’s the case, those settings should always be followed. oxygen and acetylene should not have equal psi readings. torch for cutting after properly setting up the equipment, conducting

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