If you were just asking about the question given in the title of your post, I believe I could provide a decent answer about the differences between those two versions (Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis), but the text of your post asks much more sweeping questions -- asking how many different versions of Superman there have ever been, for instance. Source of Character: Pre-Crisis DC Comics. On his chest, he wears an S-symbol, a red S on a yellow pentagonal field. Fortunately, it does not grow under Earth’s yellow sun. Attraction/Repulsion represents his Superbreath’s ability to attract as well as repel. Look up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane ? The rocket landed nearby a truck traveling through Kansas. Do you want scans or what? Click And Load! Insane elseworlds tale. Like what? CLARK KENT CLOTHES [BODY 01, Flame Immunity: 15, Shrinking: 08]. Transmutation may only be used to super-compress coal into diamonds. @jedixman@rogueshadow this seems pointless and disrespectful to pre-crisis Superman. @kanyecosby@thekinfing@lvenger@empressofdread@paragonxxx@legendarykal-el@motifian. superman of earth 1 and 2 and ultraman of earth 3. and of course , u can't read the pre-crisis superman stories without some of alan moore stories superman annual 11 - ' for the man who has everything' , adapted to the jlu animated cartoon as well as supergirl tv show just without mongul. Are you kidding? Now, seriously though. Hypnotism is always on, and only is used to make people not realize that Superman and Clark Kent are one and the same. Gold Kryptonite (Loss, Permanent), Range: 03. Hence the huge numbers. Now, show me some of those "outliers for Post-crisis Superman". Like Surviving two galaxy sized+ planets hitting him, absorbing enough anti sunlight (energy that hurts him) to vaporize half a galaxy, Surviving a massive explosion that covered half of supertown and the universal black hole feat to name a few. SUPERMAN ROBOTS [Stats vary wildly, depending on circumstance.]. @kirkseven: I know. ^ just when I had the feats ready dammit. SUPERMAN’s COSTUME [BODY 35, Flame Immunity: 25, Cold Immunity: 25, /BODY/ 12, Stretching: 09, Sealed Systems: 09, Storage Capacity: 05, Storage Capacity: 0]. I asked for feats and you just said, they have feats for this. But Superman #231 is a personal favorite. Too much hax, too durable, and way stronger. That's how he could be part of the Legion. (See rules on Time Travel below.). Dangerous Zombie!" There's nothing wrong with this thread. Post-crisis Superman has enough outliers to beat just about any character. @kirkseven: Seems pointless. The OP posted a feat of superman just flying. Clark Kent is in many ways a mirror of Superman in beleifs, but he acts much more ’restrained and responsibly‘. To save Kal-El’s life, Jor-El constructed a rocket and sent him to Earth in it. Transform!! This is why this thread isn't actually a good battle. It cant have good arguments on either side. Secret compartments are also created using this power. Danger! I actually think this is a really cool/interesting thread btw. Superman’s hair is utterly invulnerable, requiring the combined Heat Visions of 3 Kryptonians to cut it. Buggle UP! Drawbacks: If he moves counterclockwise, he will travel into the past. It seemed alright to do is what I'm getting at. Hence the huge numbers. Absorbing energy is not a durability feat. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It differs from STR in that Storage Capacity allows one to hold fluid and/or awkwardly shaped objects. (anything from Post Crisis, New 52 or Rebirth), ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. So it doesn't matter. there are enough outliers under Post crisis Supes belt to allow him to fight his pre-crisis counterpart. If he flies faster than light while moving clockwise, he will time travel into the future. I will debunk the rest of the Supermans feats (if you come up with them). The way this attraction works is the following: Storage Capacity is a new Power that allows its user to store a volume equal to the APs of Storage Capacity. Last time I said this over 9 years ago. Again, first edition scale. Superman is first among heroes for a good reason.

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