There are two many problems with his analysis for it to be logically supported. Why should I respond to your nonexistent arguments? [84], The standard criticism of this view is that an argument from evil is not necessarily a presentation of the views of its proponent, but is instead intended to show how premises which the theist is inclined to believe lead him or her to the conclusion that God does not exist. I. Likewise, why is it wrong for primates to rape, kill, or enslave other primates? Well, that depends. Anyhow, I go into more detail about this line of thinking here: Just some food for thought. When God planned the world, he planned for Ananias and Sapphira to have an unhealthy diet that contributed to heart disease.”. I think it is strange that some people are so confident that a supreme spiritual being does not exist. all exist? The late Christian philosopher Ronald Nash once said that it is completely irrational to reject the Christian faith for any other reason than the problem of evil. He makes an argument that we should keep the term evil in our moral vocabulary because it refers to a special category of beyond-the-pale wrongdoing whose psychological causes are unique and usually don’t show up in ordinary wrongdoing. You ignore observational bias in favor of your view, specifically saying that the Gospels while they may be accounts of eyewitnesses aren’t in fact valid because there is a possibility that they may have exaggerated. I think you’re missing something crucial about the nature of moral propositions. While in this position he made it possible for most of the world, including his father and brothers, to live through the famine which lasted seven years. You do this in science. Second, and most, most, most importantly, the word ‘theory’ in science doesn’t mean what it does in everyday usage. Suppose a zoologist studies a wolf pack in the wild. “Would you suddenly forget right and wrong, disregard your family and your responsibilities and start screwing around in the streets?”. WITH. More rational than “God does not exist”? Showing that something is a human invention or a personal preference isn’t a way of showing it isn’t real. The Bible speaks very clearly about the existence of evil. During my undergraduate years in philosophy, I started out as a Christian apologist and very gradually became a religious skeptic. Atheists can still talk about “right” and “wrong”, if they define “right” not in terms of actions that are “good”, but rather as actions that reduce “suffering”. Does that mean we refuse to classify ball lightning as a scientific phenomenon? That would be better people like me who are agnostic. When I highlight difficulties within the bible, lack of evidence for god’s existence in the natural world, you’re quick to say that for all we know the natural and supernatural are one and that God rules it all, but are never willing to say that YOU could be wrong about God’s existence. I feel no shame in saying you’re intolerably uneducated, willfully ignorant , and small-minded. It’s a strange self-reinforcing beast you’ve created for yourself. But for those of us who don’t share you belief…for those of us who find the evidence for God’s existence lacking, we are persuaded premise #2’s truth. No, I’ve said you need to argue for your assertions. “Eyewitness testimony is not enough. If Goodness is an essential characteristic or quality of God, then it is not stuck on the…. The publication is purely descriptive. What I would have to say in return is that these are questions and answers you would have to decide for yourself, as we all do. Conclusion: God enjoys to bring about suffering and pain for no reason at all. “And the supernatural claims require all the more evidence before warranting any degree of belief, especially strong belief.”. You have an annoying habit of ripping one part of my post out, isolating it from my entire point, attacking only that one small aspect of my point, and proclaiming some delusional victory. That is not even a premise I hold. Consequently the schema used is unnecessarily narrow and so unhelpful.

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