0. hours Mole Percent Analysis g. Percent 10 4 40 100 124 l 10 4 40 100 m 10 00 40 100 125 k 15 4 60 95-100 l 15 4 60 95-100 126 k 10 13. 5 97. The material was washed with water and filtered. After this time, the mixture stood at The above ingredients were put into 3 separate 100 ml., three neck flasks, each equipped with a condenser and ar- 10 ranged so that acetylene would bubble through each in series. 260-6065 42 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This invention relates to organoboron compounds and to a method for their preparation. of benzene were allowed to react in a glass reactor. These usually occur at reduced flight speeds and extremely high altitudes. 6 7. 18. [8] Decaborane has been assessed for low energy ion implantation of boron in the manufacture of semiconductors. Trimethylamine was bubbled through the mixture to remove the decaborane, and the complex thus formed was filtered out into a weighed funnel. The purpose in doing this, as the art is well aware, is to provide proper burning TABLE VI Product Composition-Mass Spectrometrio Analysis Weight Percent Benzene Gas Sulfide, or Ether, Temp, Time, Evolu- Prod, Yield, CH, Example ml. (1.5 moles) of xylene in a three-necked flask equipped with a reflux condenser, gas delivery tube, and magnetic stirrer, was added 6.0 g. (0.04 mole) of monoethyldecaborane and 1.0 g. (0.01 mole) of triethylamine. 0 i 55. Example 77 10 g. of decaborane, 20 m1. Hg absolute (bath temperature C.) since decomposition of the nondistillables became quite vigorous above these limits. The outlet of the condenser was fitted with a drying tube filled with sodium hydroxide. B H QCI-ICCH 40. (0.058 mole). 7 98.2 5 2 5 6 B 14 d 40 5% 2. of methyl alcohol were added to the reaction mixture to hydrolyze unreacted decaborane and the mixture was refluxed for 2 /2 hours. Magne-Dash autoclave, which spectrometric analysis showed a decaborane to desired then was flushed with nitrogen. autoclave. 29. Example 9 A mixture of 4 g. (0.033 mole) of decaborane, 4.5 g. (0.065 mole) of isobutyronitrile, and 50 ml. At the end of eight hours, the reaction mixture was cooled, transferred to a 50 ml. 0 1. A maximum pressure of 250 p.s.i.g. Because of their high chemical reactivity and heating values, the liquid products of this invention can be employed as fuels in ramjet engines and in afterburning and other auxiliary burning schemes for the turbojet and by pass or ducted type engines. It is soluble in cold water as well as a variety of non-polar and moderately polar solvents.[3]. 30. (0.058 mole). The Metalation of Isopropylbenzene with n-Amylsodium and n-Amylpotassium, Fuel rich solid propellant of boron and a fluoro-nitro-epoxide polymer binder, Hexafluoropropylideniminolithium reactions with halides, Boron-substituted silanes and polymers therefrom, 2-fluoro-2, 2-dinitroethyl carbonates and production thereof, Solid high energy borane fuel composition, Process for fluorinating compounds containing a gem-dinitro group, Process for the preparation of cyclopentadienyl manganese compounds, High-energy-content fuel composition containing quadricyclane. flask and the ether was distilled off. flask, and the ether was removed by distillation. S02 E Sulfide Ether e 17. three-necked flask fitted with a water cooled reflux condenser, a nitrogen inlet, and a rubber septum cap. 8 B 14 u 40 63 8 /6 2. Acetylene was added without stirring to a pressure of 100 p.s.i.'g. The pressure increased 100 p.s.i.g. diethyl sulfide, and 300 ml. The liquid products of this invention can also be employed as aircraft gas turbine fuels in admixture with the hydrocarbons presently being used, such as JP-4. A small amount of material distilled at 75 to 80 C. and a pressure of 0.4 mm. After removing the di-n-propyl sulfide and di-nbutylether 15 to 16 grams total), the distillation pressure increased slowly from about 0.2 mm. No. After this has been done, additional air is introduced into the combustor in order to cool sufficiently the products of combustion before 18 they enter the turbine so that they do not damage the turbine. Example 1 A mixture of 6.15 g. (0.041 mole) of monoethyldecaborane and 40 ml. ethyl decaborane. 4 61.3 95.2 4.0 7 a 14 d 40 60-100 5 3.1 i 5. i 82. b Dioxane. Thus, when used as the fuel supplied to the combustor of an aircraft gas turblne engine, the liquid products of the present invention are employed in essentially the same manner as the simple hydrocarbon fuel presently being used. 9 8.3 96.7 1.1 1.0 1.2 B 14 u 50 58 8 2. 2 82. Suitable ethers include dimethyl ether, methyl ethyl ether, diethyl ether, di-n-propyl ether, diisopropyl ether, ethyl n-b'utyl ether, di-n-butyl ether, ethylene glycol dimethyl ether, dioxane, anisole and tetrahydrofuran. ml. grams. Its derivates were investigated as well, e.g. The residue was cooled, transferred to a 250 ml. 5. The solvents were distilled off at C. and /2 atmosphere pressure. In normal aircraft gas turbine practice it is customary to burn the fuel, under normal operating conditions, at overall fuel-air ratios by weight of approximately 0.012 to 0.020 across a combustion system when the fuel employed is a simple hydrocarbon, rather than a borohydrocarbon of the present invention. The degree of completeness of the reaction can be determined by the rate and quantity of hydrogen evolved, the rate at which solid products form and precipitate from solution, or by analysis of the reaction mixture. Example 6 A mixture of 2 g. (0.016 mole) of decarborane and 30 ml. It is toxic and volatile, with a foul smelling odor. There was no increase in pressure. In Example 113 772 112 1 063 761 71460646 {7U .5 H m .6 3. The pentane solution was decanted and distilled and the residue was sublimed. 5. Decaborane has no significant applications, although the compound has often been investigated. Example 16 g. (0.041 mole) of decaborane, 3 ml. (0.49 mole) of tetrahydrofuran was heated overnight in an autoclave at 120 C. The tetrahydrofuran was distilled at reduced pressure, the residue was dissolved in pentane and treated with trimethylamine.

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