Maclaren, D. D.I. Every sinner to whom Christ has not thus appeared walks in darkness. The earthly effort till the heavenly reward. If we want our works to increase in number and to rise in quality, let us see to it that we make an honest habit of cultivating that which is their producing cause — love to Jesus Christ and faith in Him. THIS OFFER, THOUGH GRACIOUSLY MADE TO ALL, YET IN EVENT BECOMES EFFECTUAL TO THOSE ONLY WHO ARE QUALIFIED AND CAPABLE TO RECEIVE IT. We may be compromising our high and evangelical principles by unworthy and undignified concession to the errors of others, as effectually as did those deceived Christians of Thyatira; and there will never be wanting a Jezebel or a doctrine which that name will denote to assure us that it is right so to do, and that we thereby gain a universal esteem which will help us to extend our own particular views and influence. The depths of God are always opened up by the Spirit of God, in the course of Divine revelation, and without the interpretation of the Holy Ghost, who is the original author, all the art of men and angels could not develop one single emblem in either the Old or New Testament, with any degree of certainty. Wisdom Literature Intellectual strength grows in the same way. Alexander. Some other expressions of this kind are only figurative acknowledgments of the universal superintendency of Providence over all events, without whose permission nothing happens in the world.3. Further, remember that this image, like the former, traces up the royalty to communion with Christ, and to impartation from Him. Though the gifts are not wages, yet they depend on our winning a battle. It is a seed that has been taken in and cultivated.2. Many professing Christians are cases of arrested development, like some of those monstrosities that you see about our pavements — a full grown man in the upper part with no under limbs at all to speak of, aged half a century, and only half the height of a ten years old child. And now in the second of our texts He promises, as the reward of their faith and loyalty, that He will give Himself to each of them as the morning star of eternity. (Compare Joshua 24:31; Judges 2:7; Judges 2:10.) God asks this; we cannot give more; He cannot take less” (Norman Macleod, Life, i., p. 324). And though, in Scripture-phrase, it is to the delusions of Satan that this moral incapacity of men is frequently ascribed, yet this is never spoken by way of excuse, but always, on the contrary, of high aggravation.IV. II. This church was more than forty years old as Christ dictates the letter to John. The gospel furnishes you with the examples of righteous men, who have retained their spiritual possessions even in the midst of multiplied difficulties and dangers.2. The earthly effort till the heavenly reward. We ought to be overflowing with kindness; and we are reserved, impatient, and unsympathising. 1832. Hyatt.)InconsistencyW. Now it is evident when we read the character of this man that he had not lent himself knowingly to any wicked designs of the false prophetess. Justice might instantly inflict condign punishment upon licentious characters.III. https: These are his stations which he seizes and fortifies, establishing on them his engines of war, from which he hurls his fiery darts of temptation so as to overcome our defence in the matter of some kindred fault, and to throw in other forces of his own as soon as the breach is opened. No, but the east wind, which searches joints and marrows, makes the mill-stones revolve, and together with the north and the south it is yoked to his service. But the emphasis is here laid on "morning" rather than on "star." We ought to be humble, and we are proud. Let us learn the lesson that either to-day is better than yesterday or it is worse. Trapp.It is a fault, then, not only to be active in evil, but to be passive of evil.(J. A continuous progress towards and in all good of every sort is the very law of the Christian life. Mankind have always been fond of depths and mysteries, and more disposed to adhere to things which they do not understand, than to simple and plain truths that are more plain and obvious. And though, in Scripture-phrase, it is to the delusions of Satan that this moral incapacity of men is frequently ascribed, yet this is never spoken by way of excuse, but always, on the contrary, of high aggravation.IV. When Christ came the world was in the darkness of guilt, with only light enough to read the sentence of conscience, but none to see how it could be reversed.

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