Read more », Tags: Top News, Montana News, Montana Partner, HELENA, MT - An agreement signed today by Montana Gov. They don't want to take it on because it's confrontational." The draft Montana Greater Sage-Grouse and Declining Grassland Songbirds Programmatic Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances (CCAA) and draft Environmental Assessment (EA) is available for a 30-day public review and comment period. Read more », BOISE, ID - Jason Pyron, Sage-Grouse Coordinator for the Idaho Fish & Wildlife Office in Boise, found inspiration for working with young people close to home. "The result of meeting the goal of a sustainable grouse population might mean the end of grazing on public lands, but that's a result, not a goal," Kerr says. In a recent letter to Interior Department Secretary Sally Jewell, the governors offered their third inventory of programs and initiatives that the states are undertaking to preserve the potentially threatened birds. Movement patterns and population structures revealed by the study will help land use managers identify critically important habitat and promising areas for restoration. Habitat and hunting opportunity to be restored through the efforts of dedicated partnerships like the SGI. FOIA. "The future of our wild landscapes and the wildlife that inhabits them depends on young people caring," he says. " Screenshot of greater sage-grouse for the lekcam. Enrolled landowners who abide by the terms of their CCAAs will face no additional regulatory measures if the bird is protected under the Endangered Species Act. Steve Bullock and the chief of the USDA's Natural Resource Conservation Service will streamline efforts to conserve privately owned working rangelands that provide habitat for sage grouse. Fantastic, here are the ground rules: It’s best to arrive at least an hour before sunrise and to keep your distance from the dancing birds, so pack a thermos, binoculars and a spotting scope if you have one. (While hunting has fallen off as the population has declined, sage grouse are still hunted in most of the states, under conservative regulations and at a level not considered a threat.) "One landowner converting a single square mile into new When the sage grouse land at the lek, their group breeding grounds, they start dancing. With assistance from the Sage Grouse Initiative, a partnership funded by Natural Resources Conservation Service, Painter joined more than 700 ranchers who have voluntarily enrolled in grazing improvements, conservation easements and conifer removal projects across 11 western states. The full decision can be found in the Federal Register. During our exploration of the Gunnison Valley sagebrush, Young, a biology professor at Gunnison's Western State College, recounts some of the local history. ... Sage grouse blend in with the sagebrush, relying on camouflage and dispersion to evade predators, including coyotes and foxes, crows, ravens and raptors. WASHINGTON, DC - The US Fish & Wildlife Service has announced a 60-day extension of the public comment period on the proposal to protect the Bi-State Distinct Population Segment of the greater sage-grouse as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.  The listing proposal designates approximately 1.86 million acres of critical habitat for the species and includes a special rule that would provide increased flexibility for land management practices that are intended to benefit the sage-grouse. Threats of harming another Type at least three characters to start auto complete. The study found nesting success and brood survival was higher in pastures with livestock. The effort is part of the Bi-State Action Plan, a locally developed blueprint to provide for the long-term conservation of the Bi-State sage-grouse and its habitat. Greater sage-grouse. Read more », PINEDALE, WY - Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell joined Wyoming Governor Matt Mead, U.S. Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances reward good stewardship and help maintain conditions that benefit ranching operations while providing protection against future requests to protect the species. A greater sage-grouse male seen close up at Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in Plush, OR. The outward popping of these bare pouches creates a series of echoing pops. Credit: Jeannie Stafford/USFWS. “We are more determined than ever to work with the states, ranchers, energy developers and other stakeholders who are putting effective conservation measures in place with the shared goal of reaching a ‘not warranted’ determination by the end of the fiscal year.” Don’t make loud noises or sudden movements. Analyzing 28 years of data, lead researcher Patrick Donnelly, a researcher with with Intermountain West Joint Venture, found that while 80 percent of upland nesting sites are on public land, 80 percent of critical summer brood habitat is on private land. These corvids prey on young grouse * a task made easier when grouse cross overgrazed ground, roads and other open spaces. “Why are geese out here in the sagebrush?” I asked myself. Environmental groups have already petitioned the feds for protection of small, distinct, local populations in eastern Washington and around Mono Lake, California. Riparian areas, critical for raising young birds, can be trampled by livestock. From Alaska to Wyoming, evidence shows the climate is off-kilter in the West. In simplest terms, the problem is this: Almost everything people do seems to harm the sage grouse. For additional information, contact the Field Supervisor for the Montana Ecological Services Field Office at 406-449-5225. Turn off the engine and lights and stay in your vehicle. Be Nice. cropland negatively impacts sage grouse in a landscape twelve times that size,” University of Montana Joe Smith said. She scoops a small depression beneath a bush and places her sunglasses in it. Last dance for the sage grouse? Humans kneel and brandish shiny ornaments of metal and stone. Privacy | Learn more >>, Sage-grouse need large expanses of healthy, unbroken sagebrush habitat. A setter tail wafts gently in the auburn glow of the sun peeking over the Owyhee; the location of the covey betrayed. The SGI includes NRCS partnerships with myriad local, state and federal governments and non-governmental organizations like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Oregon Hunters Association, Pheasants Forever and the Ruffed Grouse Society. Credit: Bureau of Land Management. CHEYENNE, WY- Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Neil Kornze and Wyoming Governor Matt Mead today announced the final approval of a comprehensive management plan for public lands in central Wyoming. Sage grouse gather at proving grounds, known as leks, each spring to determine who among them will pass on their genes — the same leks year after year, generation after generation. They seek out tall stands of sagebrush, where the sage canopy covers 15 to 30 percent of the land, and a rich understory of wildflowers and grasses provides food and cover. However, Henson encouraged his federal counterparts strengthen protections in several areas and clarify how much disturbance the agency would allow in the 70 percent of state-occupied sage-grouse range that the BLM manages. Notices | WASHINGTON, DC - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced a groundbreaking new commitment from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to accelerate and focus conservation efforts for the Bi-State population of greater sage-grouse that will help landowners implement a range of conservation actions in California and Nevada over the next five to 10 years that are designed to avert a listing of this distinct population segment. Read more », Tags: Top News, Colorado News, Colorado Partner, KREMMLING, CO – The Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust recently conserved one of the state's most spectacular working ranches in the state's high country by completing a 995-acre conservation easement with the Yust family along the Colorado and Blue Rivers in Grand County. that is degrading to another person. It rolls across the valley floor and up the foothills on all sides, a textured foreground for the mountains. More than 40 landowners have already expressed an interest in enrolling. It seemed plausible to find geese along the Pahsimeroi River, but not in the shrub-steppe. Historic sagebrush-steppe fires burned slow and cool, beneficial to the ecosystem. According to permits shared with Mother Jones by officials from Park County, Wyoming, and as first reported by … Charles Darwin Notebooks Worth Millions Stolen from Library? - Identify yourself with full name and city. The Lander Resource Management Plan updates a nearly 30-year old document and is the first of the BLM’s resource management plans to address management of important greater sage-grouse habitat. The Army Corps of Engineers “concluded that the proposed project is contrary to the public interest.”.

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