Bake 50 minutes @ 325 deg, or until a knife comes out clean. Stir once or twice, but do not mix thoroughly. You may want to adjust the seltzer and simple syrup amounts to your taste and the rum you’re using. A fitting glass with a splash of Club Soda. In a highball glass filled with ice, add agricole blanc and San Pellegrino + ice. One of my favourite aperitifs - it´s like Trador Vic said: "Cuban Presidente" was "the 'Martini' of Cuba and, to me, a lot better than our own."! Chiliflowers: Use large red and yellow Thai chilis.Cut lengthwise about 5-6 cuts around the chili from (almost) the top and down all the way to the bottom. £ 24.19. Heat and simmer until the sugar is dissolved, and stir. Garnish: Passion flower foam, almond and passion biscotti, and a passion flower. This application of Smoke & Oakum Gunpowder Rum comes to us from a cocktail book picked up in Cuba in 2009: Three sheets = reeling drunk_____ ( 1 tblsp or maybe a bit less, depends on your "flambe-space" i have a small kitchen so i take careful though ) Preparation: Stir the ingredients over ice in a mixing glass and serve on Add 1/2 oz float of capacity with 3/4 Oz. When frozen add to blender, fill glass. An easy to make drink to warm the soul on a cold winter evening. A stunner. (Grape fruit "brulees": Dip your pice for garnish in brown sugar and use a blowtorch to caramelize the sugar before you put it on the glass), Shake & strain into a rocks glass. Addictive. This is my favorite dark and stormy from Bermuda. Remove from heat, cover and let sit 2 hrs.Strain and refridgerate. float Cruzan Balck Strap Rum of St. Croix, Sounds like a weird combo, but even my Dear Wife loves it. Perfect for the next time The Queen (or other royalty)stops by for a visit ! (after taste) Most now know this drink as a slus-puppie style beverage, however the original, served straight up, is delicious, JFK's favourite aperitif! Then strain through fine Shake well to bruise mint. Also see my post about dafruta This classic cocktail is one of the oldest Fill mixing glass with ice. notice the lack of the soda water. Serve over tropical grilled fish. link to the original recipe is: Shake in a cocktail shaker with ice, strain into cocktail glass, garnish Tiki drinks is the most intricate recipes found and some contains at least 10 ingredients and require a blender.But this one is shorter.Its basically a pink variation of Pina Colada but is less sweet.This one was served at the Portland, Oregon Kon-Tiki restaurant in 1960. Combine ingredients in a shaker over ice, shake and strain into a martini or daiquiri glass. Sprinkle some powdered cinnamon over the sweetpotatos and then drizzle some honey on top. My fave! of the orange and slice these into 2 halves each, and drop in the Enjoy. Shake well. On top, pour a floater of Myers Dark Rum, as that is the darkening sky. '3 points of the Compass' -- 3 parts water to 1 part rum. This syrup uses 2 parts white sugar and 1 part light muscovado and then pandan leaf (pandanus) a thin cucumber wheel and a big sprig of fresh mint. Stir and/or swirl until all the sugar has dissolved. good white and dark "float" rum will do in a pinch. 2. To glaze, heat remainder of ingredients except rum, to dissolve sugar. Complex to say the least. Garnish: Cucumber bunny ears, lychee skin rose and edible glitter. Put back the shrimps in the pan and Add some dried chili flakes ( 1/2 to 1 tsp) , some salt (,a dash? Perhaps sneer with disdain, grunt, thump the counter top with your fist then crack your knuckles. Sip liberally. A 12 oz bag cranberries, washed of course. passion fruit concentrate in the ingredients section, and making PFS Shake coconut rum and almond-flavored liqueur over ice. oyster fork with a chunk of pineapple and a There's no wine that will work in that Add sugar and crushed ice to taste, mix and serve. Choose a recipe category or peruse the list of 295 recipes from the Rum Lovers forum members. Reconnaissable entre mille avec son rouge vif et sa célèbre petite bouteille design. Shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass. Make an infusion of fresh rosemary and simple syrup in a sauce pan and set to cool. Place 2-3 red paprikas on a owen proof dish. 1 oz each Orange, Coconut, and Banana Rum (Zogg's used Cruzan) Spoon muddled Basil and Pineapple into the glass. with one part Kraken Black Spiced Rum , over ice Garnish with a maraschino cherry and a spray of aromatic bitters. 15ml maple syrup Allow to stand for one week. 3/4 Oz. I am sick too fucking death of seeing these sorry ass Mai Tai Sprinkle some grated dark chocolate on top. Strain into a chilled coupe. There's just one All my friends love this drink, even the ones who don't normally go for the sweet/fruity drinks. Fine strain in a chilled coupette. i just might have to serve at my next naked cake party (, Have to try this one! Pour Coconutmilk in a pot and bring to a very light boil on medium heat. Garnish with fresh mint and/or cilantro and a sprinkling of shaved coconut, if using. Regardless of its Shake hard and not too long. Stir and sip! Squeeze the lemon twist and drop it in. * Dash of ginger beer or ale (in cube tray or with sprite. Fill with ice, adding remaining simple syrups and liquors. Swirl to coat all the ice in the glass with the lime juice. without ice. Perfect for a hot summer day...or anytime. I choose one of my favorite pastas, Tagliatelle or Spaghetti Bigoli. Enjoy. Strain juice into ice filled shaker. Strain into a cocktail coupe. enjoy... My friend Jake and I came up with this drink one day at Room 11. shake. Method: flambe, then pass from vessel to vessel. To glaze the cake in the pan, poke holes in bottom, then pour glaze on. fresh limejuice to taste. Mix all the ingredients for marinade and mix the chicken with the marinade, wrap a plastic bag around the skewers,and leave in the fridge overnight. Before serving, pour coconut milk over the papaya halves. I found a winner when I combined it with garden-fresh mint and white Bacardi rum. Add a short straw. ( to make 1 tblsp each of readychopped) Method: Combine all the ingredients except champagne, shake well and strain it into the glass. This punch originates from the Fish House in Philadelphia, the club was formed in 1732 and this punch probably originated soon after, when in season use fresh peaches. Raspberry Liqueur (like Chambord), *2 oz. PARTY: Buy a large banana leaves, wash and lightly oil them with oilve oil.cut out pieces to fit the serving plates. Discovered by accident when I arrived at a location at the end of a long trip, and those were the only ingredients available. 2 parts pussers rum This is quite basic drink, a bit sweet. Four sheets = unconscious________. Things you will need 1. 1 small cube chicken stock, the olives also add saltiness.. basil and oregano - fresh or dried, ruccola pesto, 3 quarts apple juice or cider, 1 qt orange juice, 2 tablespoons cloves & 1 tablespoon whole allspice. Ignite (push mint down into drink first). Shake all ingredients. Typically mixed with Bacardi light rum, I opt for Pusser's blue label. mix and serve over ice . Muddle the pickled Ginger in a shaker. In Stock 0. which i buy in Asian grocery stores. Trader Vic Bergeron claims to have created this drink for friends of his at his bar in Oakland, CA. Kick back and enjoy the sunset! Float Zacapa 23 to taste. Garnish: Angostura aromatic bitters, green tea leaves, and mandarin zest. The Stir or swizzle to This marvelous drink was introduced to us by Bill and Laura on their sailing ketch SECOND WIND when we were both cruising in the Caribbean. (Permanent laser- This fruit and rum based punch can be served warm or cold depending on your latitude and attitude. Shake with ice, then strain into an ice-filled glass. muddling, add two shots of Brugal Especial Extra Bring to boil then chil, DIRECTIONS: Stock : Stock sous réserve de disponibilité au moment de la préparation de votre commande. PENANG AFRIDIDI #2 2 Brandied Cherries Mix the three ingredients and serve over ice in a punch glass or tall collins glass. Shake, strain into highball glass and Garnish with pineapple and Jalapeño pepper. 1/4 oz simple syrup (when your ginger beer has too much bite to it. Pour in Tank Rum. , Sounds good! Cut them in slices lengthwise and thread on bambooskewers with the tickest part at the base of the skewer.If using bamboo skewers soak the bottom of them in water for 20 mins before starting. Garnish with a lime wedge. Cocktail Glass: High Ball Add bitters, to taste. Stir and add dark rum (1-2 tblsp) and let the flavors just blend. problem: you can't drink much of it without blacking out and waking up I luv my rums, the taste, the flavors, so I try This is a tweak on the classic Daiquiri No. The pot still character of the Ragged Mountain mixes nicely with the Strain into chilled Martini glasses. Rum with English and French flavours. Optional: Top. Garnish: Vanilla straw, half-lime caramlized with brown sugar and cinammon, and Caribbean flower.

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