It’s time to switch things up a little bit for The Flash, at least once he gets done cleaning up the mess he’s made. Although Savitar was defeated, the lengths Team Flash went to in order to put him down had an even greater cost than H.R. Luckily, Cisco is made of tougher stuff than many of us may have thought. Though reports pegged The Vampire Diaries alum Todd Lasance as Savitar, uber-producer Greg Berlanti later set that record straight: For all those tweeting me or elsewhere. to a hospital). Savitar wasn't even wholly unconscious from the smack and got up, preparing to go after his nemesis and kill him from behind. The lone surviving time remnant of Barry went on to become Savitar, who fought against Team Flash in the Post-Flashpoint timeline as the main antagonist of season 3. Because Barry isn't too bright and often fails to learn from his mistakes, he turned his back on Savitar after the speed punch. The Flash Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. And if we get super-speed ninjas too, so much the better. Here's what happened. Our TV season finale schedule can give you all you need to know about your shows ending. With two devices, he switched places with Iris and managed to put himself in her place when Savitar made the final deadly move. At the very end, we learned that popping the Speed Force open to spring Jay from the Speed Force prison had resulted in a Speed Force assault on Central City as it sought a speedster to take Jay's place. Using his speed, he managed to rush at Savitar and force him out of his suit, taking the suit for his own. Once that happens, he’ll need a new big bad to face for season 3 — or maybe two. Your privacy is safe with us. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. The tides were turning against Savitar in a big way, as Team Flash had a new ally on the scene and his evil plan to send versions of himself throughout history failed. Instead, he reversed the polarity so that when the device was fired, it popped the Speed Force open and freed Jay Garrick, a.k.a. 1917: Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The World War I Movie, Bella Thorne Wears Lingerie To Promote Her New, Cheaper Black Friday Deals On OnlyFans, TikTok Is Creating A Ratatouille Musical And Even Disney Is Getting In On It, Vin Diesel Reveals How Paul Walker Was Actually The Catalyst For His Singing Career, 7 Things About The Mandalorian Season 2 That Don't Make Sense So Far, 'Hillbilly Elegy' Interviews with Amy Adams, Glenn Close, Ron Howard And More, ‘Happiest Season’ Interviews: Alison Brie, Clea DuVall & More Discuss Their New Hulu Holiday Movie, ‘Sound of Metal’ Cast Interviews With Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke And More, How LGBTQ Representation Got Happiest Season Its Stellar Cast, Wow, Disneyland Resort's Big Reopening Has Lines Longer Than The Rides, MGM Reportedly Wanted Even More Money To Take James Bond's No Time To Die To Streaming Than We Thought, Lily James Knew Married Co-Star Dominic West Long Before Their Romantic Weekend Jaunt, Enter For A Chance To Win $15000 To Build Your Dream Home Theater, 10 Great Sci-Fi Movies Available On Plex Right Now, New Batwoman Javicia Leslie Reveals A Behind-The-Scenes Look At New Season 2 Stunt, Supernatural Finale: Creator Eric Kripke Apparently Had Another Ending Idea That Fans Would Have 'Hated', Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Reveals Fun Connection Between Dean Winchester And His Character On The Boys, How To Catch Up On The Flash And More Superhero Series Before Their 2021 Premieres. The Flash fights a villain from the 64th Century named Abra Kadabra, who offers to reveal Savitar's identity in exchange for his release. This gave Savitar the time to steal the speed force bazooka (and gave me the time to wonder why the Scarlet Speedster wasn't speeding his way to get H.R. Nevertheless, he wasn't done trying to destroy all that is good and whole on The Flash. Just kidding! S3, Ep19 25 Apr. Warning: major spoilers ahead for the Season 3 finale of The CW's The Flash, appropriately called "Finish Line.". We have NOT cast Savitar. switching himself with Iris wasn't enough to totally take down Savitar. Obviously, there are multiple facets of the character that would work on TV, but one that would be intriguing is if he becomes more popular than Barry’s Flash to the citizens of Central City. Of course, H.R. A big change is happening behind the scenes, so there's no saying what the The Flash will look like when it returns. H.R. Season 2 ended without showing the consequences, which will be explored when the series returns in October. When last we left Barry Allen, he was busy undoing the pivotal event in his life to date, stopping his mother from being murdered by the Reverse-Flash when he was just a kid. 2017 Savitar demanded that Cisco transform the speed force bazooka into a splicer that would split him into many versions that would be sent throughout the timeline, guaranteeing that he will be present in the past, present, and future. By this point, Barry had had enough. He still had pieces in place that could have turned him into an utterly unbeatable foe for Barry and Co., and it had everything to do with Cisco. Season 3 of The Flash has officially come to an end, and we finally learned how Barry and Co. could possibly defeat him. Sadly, however, the cost of saving Iris was the life of another member of the team. He may no longer exist and he may have failed to devastate Barry by killing Iris, but he did strike a serious blow that will almost certainly last... until next October, when Season 4 kicks off. Thus was Savitar finally defeated.

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