Glad to know you loved it. The choice of good quality basmati rice, whole spices, spice powders, chicken & ghee all contribute to the flavors of chicken biryani. I think I would double that, for myself, and also add more biryani masala, just because I want to match with my favorite restaurant. After 1 whistle, keep the cooker aside and let the pressure release naturally. “until the rice is cooked to your liking” means some people like it on the softer side (not mushy). Layer drained rice all over the chicken. Check if the chicken is cooked by pricking with a fork or knife. And a lot of useful tips and tricks as well. The flavor is amazing. Basically, if you could say about how long it normally takes your cooker to whistle after the pin goes up. Should i have continued until there wasn’t any? Hope this helps. 9. Mix everything well. You can also try serving with the shorba, if you make it again. If you do not have a ready made or store bought masala, you can make it in just few minutes. So happy to know the recipe worked out well. Heat ghee or oil in a pot or pressure cooker. Iam a great fan of your page.I became a better cook after following your recipes.Thank you for your wonderful teaching of keeping it simple.All the best, Welcome Ramya I add about ¼ teaspoon salt. Aged rice is also more fragrant. Do not use thick coconut milk, it will look curdled in the biryani. His only comment was that he would have liked it to have more sauce. The rice got a bit sticky and I can now understand why you warned so often about it. Shahi Veg Biryani Recipe in Hindi Or transfer it immediately to a wide utensil to prevent turning mushy. Then measure and pour it back along with more water. Or If using normal rice that is slightly on the harder side to cook allow it to whistle once. Watch Queue Queue. You don’t need to cook it first and marinate. How much to add depends on the quality of basmati rice. To a bowl, add yogurt, ginger garlic paste, ½ tsp salt, garam masala, turmeric, lemon juice & red chili powder. Since I have young kids at home., these levels work well for us. 5. (1 inch ginger & 4 garlic cloves crushed), (or coconut milk) (refer notes more if needed ). Glad to know the recipes helped out. 11. Turn on the flame to very low. Also evaporate all of the excess moisture the chicken releases (step 5 in the recipe card). Hope this helps. Reproduction without proper consent is not allowed. Everything came out good and my family enjoyed it. Hi, I thought about defrosting and cooking it and marinating after that. Loading... Close. You can also rest it overnight in the fridge. Thanks for elevating home cooking to restaurant style cooking. Spread drained rice in a layer over the chicken. Upon getting several requests I have updated it here. Rinse basmati rice thrice and soak for 30 mins. 2.Biryani masala (spices): Good quality whole spices & spice powders elevate the flavor of chicken biryani. However I always find chicken breast pieces dry out if not marinated well with yogurt. Enjoy with raita or shorba. Please do adjust the amount of heat in the recipe. Making a chicken biryani in authentic dum style does take some time and needs little expertise. Spread it evenly in a single layer. To a separate bowl, pour 3 cups water and add ¼ to ½ teaspoon salt. To double the recipe (4 cups rice), use a wider cooker to avoid mushy biryani. Made this last night and my skeptical husband absolutely loved it! It turned out amazing. Great recipe! Gently fluff up with a fork. Just for reference, i have taken 4 cups rice instead of 2 cups. Glad to know! 10. Thanks. © 2012 - 2020 - Swasthi's Recipes. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. 8. This is the correct color of the onions. Also, the 3-1/2 cups might be a bit much and maybe that was my problem. Since salt is already added to marination, use little only. For best results follow the step-by-step photos above the recipe card. Would love to know how it worked for you. My aim is to help you cook great Indian food with my time-tested recipes. This recipe explains everything in detail, great for a beginner or for someone who is not used to Indian cooking. I have been trying chicken biryani based on different recipies online, but this recipe is by far the best. The ingredients call for 1.1 pound of chicken? The other way is to just strain the broth once the marinated chicken is cooked. Rest until the pressure settles. Drain to a colander after 30 mins. Mix everything well and marinate the chicken. Hope this helps. Amazing! Did I cook the chicken too long? When the pressure releases naturally, open the lid. Level the rice if needed. Since this recipe does not follow the traditional method, you can also make it using oil. Hi Swasthi, I live in US and we use an electric cooker (Instant Pot) not a stove cooker.

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