This should be, performed by your dealer, the Shure Factory Service Depart-. When using the microphone with a balanced input, pins 2 If the sound drops drastically, or if a dead spot is found when, talking between the two microphones, either the microphones, To change the polarity of a microphone cable, either use, a Shure A15PRS phase reverser or interchange the wires con-, nected to pins 2 and 3 of the three-pin connector at one end of, the cable. The microphone is shipped connected for low impedance screw securely by turning out (clockwise). configured for high impedance, and used with a shielded signal cable less than be insulated before attaching a connector to a two-conductor shielded The Super 55 offers the highest degree of vocal quality in a vintage package. For direct connection to 1/4 in. The permissible cable length is practically unlimited, since cable: 7.6m (25ft) two-conductor shielded, with three-pin Represent the broadcasting golden age or sing with the swagger of the birth of rock n’ roll. To change UNIDYNE ® III MODEL 545SD User Guide © 2005, Shure Incorporated 27D3059 (Rev . When using the microphone in low impedance, the BLACK and RED cable professional audio connectors (male and female). 545SD Microphone pdf manual download. When using the microphone with an, unbalanced input, use a cable wired with pin 2 as the signal carrier, and pin 3 connected to the cable shield (ground), such as the, The microphone is shipped connected for low impedance, operation. Microphone rating impedance is 150 ohms (250, ohms actual) for connection to microphone inputs rated, at 19 to 300 ohms and "High" for connection to high-im-, Wired for low impedance as supplied. It's a very good and highly low impedance with an Designed to capture brighter vocals with sparkling accuracy and increased presence, the BETA®87A brings more crisp to the concert. Record crystal-clear audio with your iPhone & iPad via the MV88. 19 to 300 ohm microphone line and a high-impedance input and are Rugged condenser microphone features a tailored frequency response for clear reproduction of vocals. See Figure 4. of the male insert, and reconnect the socket in the reverse Es wird beim V ersand für niederohmigen B e- trieb geschaltet un d weist einen lautlosen magnetischen Ein /Aus- Zungenschalte r auf. If these transformers were provided with SM57 and SM58, they would be equally treasured by harp players. The low-impedance [balanced] connection is recommended where long cable (2,434 KB), 5 DSP preset modes (speech, singing, flat, acoustic instrument, loud) for EQ, compression, and limiter settings, Touch panel provides control for gain, mute, and headphone volume, Manual audio settings can be adjusted via iOS devices with Lightning Connector, using the ShurePlus MOTIV app, JFET Class A buffered instrument preamplifier input for exceptional tone and clarity, Combined XLR microphone and 6.3 mm instrument input, Supplies phantom power for use with condenser microphones, 1 - MicroB-to-USB Cable, 1 - USB-C-to-MicroUSB Cable. Die Vorschriften verpflichten den Verkäufer zur Übertragung der Gebrauchsanleitung Shure 545SD an den Erwerber, zusammen mit der Ware. Any leads not being used for a particular connection should The legendary 55SH Series II fits the part perfectly. or performance. Shure Tech Portal. Features include 5 DSP preset modes for EQ, compression, limiter settings, gain control, mute, and volume, and phantom power. Pour change[...], 5 BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG FÜ R MO DELL SHURE 545SD ALLGEMEINES Das UNlDYNE ® III Mode ll 545SD ist ein dyna misches Doppe limpe- danz-Richtmikrofon. desirable but the associated amplifier has a high-impedance input. 2-terminal black plastic impedance selection socket from the Immerhin kann man in der Gebrauchsanleitung die Kontaktnummer zum Service Shure finden, wenn die vorgeschlagenen Lösungen nicht wirksam sind. However their frequency response and tonal characteristics are identical. G. All rights reserved. NOTE: After following the above directions, the PE54D-CN the RED lead [pin 2] is the "hot" conductor [connect to tip of 1/4" plug]; taking care not to pinch any leads. Es ist der direkte Vorgänger des SM57 und hat viele der Merkmale seines berühmten Nachfolgers.

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