It is a gluten-free grain, making it an excellent alternative food for people who have gluten intolerance. In spite of this drawback, studies have shown a number of health benefits linked to the consumption of sorghum. Some grains will actually help you to lose or maintain the perfect weight, while some will do the exact opposite. A single serving contains more than 12 grams, contributing to 48% of the daily recommended fiber intake. Having 100 grams of sorghum in a day can fulfil approximately 20 percent of the recommended daily fiber intake. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety: “Sorghum Grain: From Genotype, Nutrition, and Phenolic Profile to Its Health Benefits and Food Applications.”, Institute of Food Technologists: “Sorghum: An Ancient Grain with Present-day Benefits.”, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry: “Quantitative Analysis of Anticancer 3-Deoxyanthocyanidins in Infected Sorghum Seedlings.”, Purdue News: “Purdue Researcher Solves Sorghum Mystery.”, statista: “Worldwide Production of Grain in 2018/2019, by Type.”. The starches in sorghum are difficult for the human body to digest, compared to other grains. Sorghum is particularly helpful for people with certain conditions and sensitivities. Reports of such are very rare but if you have sensitivity to grass of any kind it could be an issue. We find sorgum in many foods that rely heavily on grains. The most important species is Sorghum bicolor, which is the type we see in food, alcoholic beverage production and biofuel composition. But as we learn more about sorghum benefits and health perks, it’s gaining more attention as a nutritional centerpiece. Its fiber content (48 percent of your DV) makes it a digestive helper. Antioxidant Support: Sorgum contains some of the best antioxidants around, and these substances are vital for a variety of health considerations. One-quarter cup of sorghum contains approximately 12% of your daily recommended value. It is also a great source of protein. Effects. Sign Up to Receive Our Free Coroanvirus Newsletter, Becoming a Vegetarian: Foods to Choose From. Anti- But as we learn more about sorghum benefits and health perks, it’s gaining more attention as a nutritional centerpiece. The biggest health risk of sorghum is tied to its potential as an allergen. Weight Loss The starches in sorghum are difficult for the human body to digest, compared to other grains. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. One thing you will want to avoid is overdoing it because getting too much of the vitamins and minerals present in sorghum can occasionally cause problems. As a result, sorghum is an excellent addition to any meal, helping you feel full without contributing too many calories to your diet. and there are some additional unique sorghum benefits that we will cover below: Can Help With Celiac Disease: This is the condition the leads people to have a severe sensitivity to gluten, which is present in so many of the foods we eat. Anti-Inflammatory And, don’t miss our very special bonus. A member of the grass family, sorghum is a genus with 25 different species. Getting your fix can help you avoid anemia, and the overall bloodstream advantages lead to superior cell function. It comes in a distant fifth for most produced grains—behind barley, rice, wheat, and corn. It often prevents you from enjoying … Safe for Unfortunately, Sorghum is a grass and is known to produce an allergic reaction in some people. It’s a grass plant thought to have originated in Africa, where it has remained a major crop. Other names for sorghum include great millet, Indian millet, and jowar. There are also strains that grow in Africa, Asia and other areas. Sorghum is a popular animal feed as well as an emerging biofuel. © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. Sorghum, known as Jowar in Hindi, is a cereal grain that grows tall like corn and is rated among the healthiest grains for weight loss and overall health. How Long Does Coronavirus Live On Surfaces? All rights reserved. Because its makeup is about 70 percent starch and it boasts high levels of niacin and Bitamin B3, sorghum is also a good natural energy source. Allergies associated with grasses and grass pollen are extremely common. Weight Loss Jowar has a much higher concentration of dietary fiber, when compared to other cereal grains. The health perks we associate with sorghum are immense. 02 /5 ​Sorghum and weight loss Sorghum is a rich source of fiber. Food allergy symptoms include tingling or itching of the mouth, swelling in and around the mouth, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and even fainting. Effects. Substituting sorghum into the diet can help those with Celiac Disease avoid unpleasant outcomes like indigestion, inflammation and nausea. A quarter cup of whole-grain sorghum contains approximately: One of the most prominent micronutrients in sorghum is iron. While dwarfed by better-known grains (or cereals), sorghum is an important crop that has long played a vital role in certain diets. This crop was long viewed as more of an additive and cultivation property. Sorghum can be cooked and eaten, though it is also frequently processed into ingredients for other dishes. Cancer For instance, it is the fifth most common cereal grain crop on Earth. The flour contains a smooth texture and a mild sweet taste, and helps in weight loss. This crop was long viewed as more of an additive and cultivation property. Solves Digestive Issues. It has also been shown to be good at reducing some forms of inflammation due to its antioxidant properties. Today, more than 500 million people in more than 30 different countries rely on sorghum as a key part of their diet. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the WebMD, Smart Grocery Shopping When You Have Diabetes, Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Dogs and Cats, Coronavirus in Context: Interviews With Experts.

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