If you ever go to a double-decker hospital and the medical personnel ask you to sleep under a bed, don’t do it. For example one child could be static while the other demonstrates the preposition in relation to the static child. Here is another engaging team game to bring a bit of competition to the classroom. The lesson plan on how to teach prepositions continues with more games, gradually bringing the children along until they know them all by heart and can use them in sentences. UNDER?, a Short Story, Level B1-B2, With Prepositions. Simply don't read out the word "Easter" and the story works just as well, so you may use it to teach prepositions at any time of the year. Children will enjoy feeling a part of the activity if you use pockets in their clothing for in and out, or even putting something inside a sock while they are wearing it. 4. by Jonathan Bentley. The Easter bunny is out and about hiding eggs for all children who have been good. Run to wherever you came from. Prepositions vocabulary flashcards Included for the ESL lesson: Across                In                           On, Behind               In between          Out, Down                 Into                        Under, In front of          Next to                  Up, Plus these flashcards for extra vocabulary in the story: Bunny, bush, egg, flowers, pond, pot, tree. Now the first batch of prepositions have been introduced proceed to a listening game with the children in pairs. Attention: There is no need for it to be Easter to use this story! Here's proof! Introduce four contrasting prepositions by demonstrating them with your body or objects. Here is an extract on how to teach prepositions, taken from the prepositions lesson plan: Introducing the prepositions with objects and the body. Yellow Ball by Molly Bang Simple text with large simple pictures tell the story of a ball that floats away from shore but eventually ends up home again. ‘In front’ or ‘behind’ may also be done with a piece of furniture. With 'in' and 'out' use a bag, basket or any kind of container, even an envelope. Work these out with the children first as described above before you play together. Go to the ESL Prepositions / Bunny Story page for ordering options. Tell students you will give them a list of ten prepositions. Here are some ideas to do that which appeal to all four main learning styles due to seeing the objects or body in a given position, hearing the words repeated, moving the body and touching. Equally these prepositions could be demonstrated by holding a pen over a chair and then holding it underneath, this is slightly more abstract than using the whole body to get underneath something. In and out might be shown with one child making a circle on the floor with his or her body, or at the desk using both arms, while the other child stands in the circle or out of it. The best way to teach prepositions is by using the body to demonstrate them. Many of these activities could, however, be modified to teacher older beginner learners. The list: prepositions of time and place. Picture Books to Teach Prepositions. The Easter bunny is out and about hiding eggs for all children who have been good. Inge Williams from Inglés Brincando in Brazil says: "This morning even the 7-8 year olds were hopping round like bunnies to the easter bunny song. Teaching prepositions to ESL students can be incredibly fun with the right games, activities, and lesson materials. Place a piece of material on the floor or designate a pretend swimming pool or pond and tell the children to jump in and out of it.

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