The 26" heat forged blade is heat tempered from solid carbon steel and is nearly 1/2" thick. Even the early samurai used straight sword such as this. "Honestly, I'm a huge fan because Dark Knight Armoury represents a rise in LARP culture in the US. Chokuto / Tang Dao, were very early style swords from both Japan & China. That we can have a store devoted to such a huge variety of garb, costume, props, weapons, etc., that manages to stay afloat and is based in my home state is just huge and awesome. The Naruto Anime Grass Cutter Sasuke Kusanagi Sword is a sword to behold. This massive sword measures 34 1/2" overall and breathes strength. The sword features an all white scabbard with black stripe with red circle on its handle, making it a true replica. The traditional Japanese sword is a folded sword. This is an exact replica of the sword carried by the famed King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae. Also comes with an exclusive Solaire of Astora Art Print. - screws and on the scabbard and sword are painfully noticeable-design is not darkened in as the original-scabbard material is plastic not leather.-blade is … The Sunlight Straight Sword and the Sunlight Shield are also part of the exclusive edition. - Sword does not have designs on both sides as the original (main reason for 3 stars)-seems like most of the metal parts are metal or a very strong material. Interchangeable hands and additional sword/sheathe will be included as standard. It is a beautiful sword which conceals an unmatched piece once its scabbard is removed.

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