Curtain window fabrics that are semi- translucent are usually not formal and give you an airy feeling. That includes Superman 1M, Hourman and Mxy. But it does so much more, it boosts all of the Superman Dynasty's powers to unfathomable levels, more power than any Super being before. Marvel Vs DC! Well I looked up Superman Prime One Million's abilities and he apparently has powers of a 5th dimensional imp, if that's the case he takes this. this battle would be over as soon as RKT decides its over. This Golden Superman is very powerful he doesnt even need to show feats. A physical altercation breaks out over the results. What kind of elitist no nonsense is this? Either way, whatever galaxy they are near is toast when this battle takes place! He killled several being which were on abstract/elder- god level with ease menaning that he is abstract/elder-god level team buster (one tier above those tiers at least. No they would rather zoom around fighting snakes and doing pointless things. I say this as a huge fan of both. Superman prime one million is taking on rune king thor. Superman Prime Stomps. Rune King Thor's feats are mostly magical feats. Nigh-Omniscience: He can see and hear almost anything . If you're only going to look at feats, then SP1M's ability to deal with another universe says a lot. All credit goes to TheFallenOne for this GIANT list and such. And the fact that everyone and their mom sees him as the ultimate hero when the future already dons Superman 1M and still has Mxy is a feat in and of itself. Again, imagine that. A real hero fights crime no matter how big or how small. hopefully the post content what we write can make you understand.Happy reading. Today we ve got two of the most powerful and mightiest heroes in all of comics going head to head. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, RKT has no feats? there is no logic in this post i dont understand. If Team One stomps too hard, Team Two gets Dr. His position as the 2nd most powerful being in the DC Universe (Now Multiverse) is apparent (Second only to the Omnipotent Presence) . 0 wins (0%) Rune King Thor Thor Odinson: 10 B: World War Hulk Bruce Banner: 143 K: Binary Carol Danvers: Death Seed Sentry Robert Reynolds either one demolishes RKT. Rune King Thor Muy fácil, Thor rey de runas en un ser por encima de Odin y el resto de dioses de los panteones, capaz de vivir en todas las épocas a la vez, con una fuerza y uso de la magia totalmente ilimitados y completamente omnisciente. @thegoldenone: i know you where not asking me but id say he may have no feats but neither do i dosnt mean i couldn't beat a toddler not referring to Thor as a toddler but SPOM has a fraction of the presence DCs equivalent for the one above all and a fraction of infinity is still infinity so thats my opinion, @thecerealkillz: iv read this realy good issue. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Silver age superman a fully fed galactus the silver surfer and dr. Imagine this overpowered being sundipping for thousands of years, and unlike AS Superman this guy soaks it up no problem. With one strike he complelty destroys the dimensional barrier and alows Surtur to march in Valhalla, Teleports Bill to another Galaxy (which is evident in GodHunter), This was done (note Fenris how he swallows the stars), Now for the top showing - breaking the cycle of Ragnarok (chainging the destiny compeltly) and destroying Those Who Sit Above In The Shadow, This scan explains what are Those Who Sit Above In The Shadow -, Destroying the Ygdrassil Tree (which is holding the Earth and nine worlds (dimesnions) ), Now one explanation on who are Those Who Sit Above In The Shadow. feats or no feats. Superman prime one million vs rune king thor. Team Rune King Thor vs Team Superman Prime One-Million # Team Superman Prime One-Million White Lantern solos all apart from RKT. But implied (and even shown) power, he stomps. So SP1M's former weaknesses are no more and now has more battle experience than Thor. Rune king thor vs superman prime one million forum versus threads board rune king thor vs superman prime one million closed the rich text editor does not work with javascript switched off. Duelo impresionante con dos de los personajes más poderosos de los Comics! And it's apparent magic no longer has an effect on him. @XImpossibruX: Featless or not, He is above all other cosmic beings in the multiverse. And the link should answer some of the misconceptions of his power level. i also dont consider RKT to be a magical entity or relying upon magical power. I would err on the side of superboy prime but in the same spirit as the first round. Who would win in a fi. Superman Prime One Million is amazingly powerful, in fact he was so powerful his appearance looked gold. Rune king thor just has power he doesnt have omnipotence ombnivelence etc. See you in another article post. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, ... is this superman PRIME of DC one million? !SUSCRIBETE¡ Y dale a la CAMPANA, para no perderte ningún Vídeo! Oficial - InstaGram - Twitter - Contacto: #Thor #EpicVersus Then White Lantern,Superman prime and Black Racer are more than enough to annihilate Rkt. Prime 1 million doesn t have many real feats and regular old superman one million is a little outclassed so thor wins i guess. There is also one hint on who they might be. Stopping Mangog was a magical feat as he clearly says "Loki's magic fails you." These titans of power have been rivals for years but who will come out the victor when their almighty future forms clas in a cataclysmic battle to the death. This is equivalent to 660 million supernovas at once. Just look at Kang the Conquerer. Superman prime one million vs rune king thor not voted if more people have voted darkseid over a thor with all his powers and superman ha defeated darkseid many times as normal. I mean other than cosmic armor. so the arguement of magical invulnerability is void. Kyle Raynor said, "Somethings just cant be put into words." The JLAs of both times, including Kal Kent Superman One Million, could do nothing against Solaris, but in an instant, he completely annihilated him. Rune king thor vs superman prime one million edit. Magic has no effect, he has multiversal powers and abilities and commands uber-powerful beings (including magical) 80+THOUSAND years in the future!!! Then by logic it would make sense that if rune king thor i stronger than that thor and an even stronger superman faces him i think this one goes to superman. Same concept but now with laughter instead of screams. Smp1m is powerful, but relatively featless. He then rested in the Super Sun of the future for 15,000 years. King thor vs superman prime pistashio s upcoming death battle contents. Now its shrek donkey and puss vs sully mike and randal. Superman prime one million vs rune king thor. I vote for Blade because both of these Characters are so strong its pointless. It would be ludicrous for him to continue needing sustenance from a yellow sun when he's all-powerful already. Many are still thinking regular Superman. Just imagine it. This Thor evolves past Death - becomes essentially immortal. Then by logic it would make sense that if rune king thor i stronger than that thor and an even stronger superman faces him i think this one goes to superman. Prime 1 million doesn t have many real feats and regular old superman one million is a little outclassed so thor wins i guess.

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