We are proud of our Caribbean Coast and the waters of Nicaragua, and love to share that pride and respect with our guests. Help us preserve the Silver King environment. They take us fishing in a Sea Hunt BX24 BR. Posted on April 18, 2018 By Jon Sutton, Outdoor Empire Fishing, Recreation, Tarpon Lodge. These tarpon put on awesome arobatic display and offer intense battles. Thank you for being part of our Tarpon Lodge & Cabbage Key family! { Once you are in the area of the river mouth the captain will scout the area looking for sign of Tarpon (rolling fish, bait, birds and boils). We provide you the opportunity to have your dream trip come true. “I think it’ll work,” Jack said, after researching some nautical charts and regional websites. The Río San Juan of Nicaragua runs from Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean coast. }); Rio Indio a 600 metros del Muelle92500 Greytown Rio San Juan, Nicaragua, “The use and evolution of non-invasive techniques towards the Tarpon and its environment has been our mission for years and our objective in several trips to other points of the Caribbean.”, “Our objective is to offer a service oriented towards ecotourism and sport fishing backed by more than 20 years of experience”. THE TARPON; THE ROUTINE; THE TRIP; THE STORY; THE BONUS; THE TARPON > AKA MEGALOPS ATLANTICUS. The Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island offers lodging, meals, and the best guides to help pursue tarpon and more. The Weekend: Go Fishing at Pine Island
 Pine Island may not have a single beach, but you’ll hardly notice while napping on a hammock or fishing along the 17-mile island’s coast. Right across the street from the Tarpon Lodge is the Calusa Heritage Trail, where Indian shell mounds are reminders of the native civilization that once thrived by utilizing the natural resources of both the land and sea. But my love for flat fishing has always remained strong and now I hope to share this passion with you as we expore the fishing flats of Roatan for Permit and Bone Fish. Fish the Silver King, the biggest tarpon on earth, in the pristine waters of the Caribbean sea, or in any of the numerous jungle rivers, creeks, or lagoons located around the tarpon lodge. Keep your eyes peeled as the Tarpon can be seen feeding on bait or rolling anywhere between the lodge and the river mouth. We do hook many 150lb + tarpon every season on the fly. The world famous Tarpon Lodge in Bokeelia on Pine Island, Florida will host the Kayak Fishing ClassicS’ Pine Island Classic scheduled for July 13. This allows us to fish intermediate tarpon lines and even floating lines on the calm conditions. Pine Island offers many enjoyable activities, including outstanding fishing and boating, an excellent golf course, a local museum, nature trails, and art galleries. The passes connecting the sound to the Gulf are veritable highways for tarpon and other game fish at all times of the year. Location. The Rama Garden Tarpon Lodge, in the small Nicaraguan village of San Juan del Norte, is located in one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world. The lodge and accommodations were breathtaking only to be trumped by the incredible Tarpon fishing and Snook fishing to be had just a short boat ride from the docks. For a beach lover, the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel are a dream destination. If you haven’t spent time with us over the summer months, we invite you to experience the nuances of a different season in our special corner of the world. This area is a nature preserve, the second largest preserved rainforest in Nicaragua, and most of the jungle is off-limits to visitors with no trails and no tours. Take your next vacation in one of the last pure natural areas in the world! Water depths targeted are 5 – 20 foot deep with the color line being the top 4 feet of water. Our lives are one with the natural environment we live in, and we take great joy in introducing our guests to the wonders around us. The news of enormous tarpon travels fast. Much of the river borders the wild and untouched lands of the Indio Maíz Reserve. Catch the elusive Jungle Tarpon, also known as the Tapam fish of Nicaragua´s jungle. After fumbling through pockets, purse, and beach bag, I come up with only four crumpled one-dollar bills. Anytime you go on vacation, you’ll need to make sure you enjoy as many activities as possible – you’ll be back at work soon enough, and you’ll want to have made good memories when you had the chance. And while there are certainly plenty of things to do at Tarpon Lodge, we like to encourage our guests to spend at least one morning or evening introducing your children to fishing. Our professional, certified guides will show you all the best fishing in the Caribbean, Rio San Juan, Rio Indio, and the jungle creeks and lagoons, while also helping to keep your environmental footprint small. “We’ll need to paddle about eight miles each day, which should leave us plenty of time to fish.”. We are also thinking ahead to fall happenings and events, and our staff has much in store for your next visit. Capt. I have been to PR almost yearly for 35 years and had no idea that such big tarpon swam the mangrove lined canals and estuaries right in San Juan's backyard. var video = ''; Learn from the expert guides of our lodge the best tips for capturing the Tarpon in Nicaragua. Also the mangrove-lined islands, creek shores and inland lakes are magnets for snook and redfish. All visitors were more than pleased with their rooms and their overall experience. Posted on July 27, 2017 By The Wells Family Cabbage Key, Events, Fishing, Newsletter, Tarpon Lodge Restaurant, Weddings, Wine Tasting. “If you don’t have it, it’s OK,” she says, waving me through. This offers a safe haven for hundreds of exotic birds and mammals, like jaguars, giant anteaters, and macaws, keeping them safe from the incessant march of the modern world on their ancient environments. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This time I didn’t pass it up! There’s a six-dollar charge, and they don’t take credit cards. With over 40 miles of untouched beaches on one side of the Lodge. The lodge is a place I’ve always wanted to visit but for some reason, never found the time. During the day we’d weave in and out of mangroves and across shallow bays, then come ashore at dinnertime, check in to a waterfront lodge, then paddle and fish again the next day. The body of water is fronted on the inland side by Pine Island and to the west by Sanibel, Captiva, North Captiva and Cayo Costa islands that separate its waters from the Gulf of Mexico.

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