We sometimes refer to onions by color, as white onions, yellow or brown onions, and red or purple onions. Green onions and scallions come from the same onion species, while chives are considered an herb and come from a different species of plant. Even when left in the ground to mature, these plants will have a straight white bulb. Some popular varieties are listed here. This article clears up the confusion and details the differences between scallions, green onions and spring onions. Required fields are marked *. Yellow onions are sometimes called sweet onions, though true sweet onions are only available at the end of summer stretching into fall. They can be used fresh as a topping or cooked as part of the meal. Maybe. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. And now that you’re well informed about which of these plants are which, even if a seed packet, website, or other source is using the wrong term, you’ll be knowledgeable enough to sort it all out and be confident in the choices you make for the plants in your garden. You’re probably used to seeing chives mixed into sour cream dips, adorning baked potatoes, or used to flavor meat dishes, like salmon or chicken, as part of a marinade or sauce. Shallot vs Green Onion Before you run to the store, however, it’s important that you understand the difference in these two foods and the best time to use each one. Scallions and green onions are the same thing. Some people call all sweet onions Vidalias, although by federal order, the only ones that can really be called Vidalias are a certain type of sweet onion grown in Georgia. All rights reserved. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Green onions have oval bulbs at the bottom with narrow leaves above. 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Though onions of the Allium fistulosum species will only ever form scallions and green onions, any young onion can fall into those categories depending on the plant’s age. There are also varieties of scallions that come from “bunching onions” that never form bulbs. Scallions are young onions and can be used in place of chopped onions in certain recipes. Scallions are great in soups, salads, sauces, and even for salsas. By fresh weight, they’re 89% water and pack 2.6 grams of fiber, 7.3 grams of carbs and tiny amounts of protein and fat per 100 grams. These are the thin little green tubes that resemble the green tops of scallions or green onions, just in miniature. Vidalia onions include the varieties Texas Early Grano and Yellow Granex. They’re more mature than both scallions and green onions but still a type of young onion, which are reaped before they have a chance to grow larger. Red onions can be sweet, mild, or pungent in flavor. Storage or keeping onions also tend to have thicker skins and lower water content than other onion varieties. However, these designations describe more than just the shade of the onion. To be clear, shallots are an entirely different vegetable and a relative of the onion with a … What are scallions? However, they look very similar and can be difficult to tell apart. Turn Up the Flavor with These Green Onion Recipes. Here's a few things we're loving right now. The list below includes onions that are commonly grown as spring onions. Chives are another member of the allium family that gets mixed up with some of the onion types fairly frequently. They are also usually mixed with cream cheese as a spread on top of bagels. Scallions vs. Green Onions. Chives have a bright, mild flavor and are a favorite topping for hearty breakfasts like a ham and Swiss omelet or simple appetizers like deviled eggs. You can tell them apart by the width of the white bulb at the plant’s base. But they can also be an Allium cepa, which is the latin name for those red and white onion bulbs you picture when you're told to chop an onion (also called a "bulb" onion). They have a flavor that is reminiscent of onions, but they are much less pungent. Now a freelance health and food writer, Carrie worked as a nurse for over a decade. Tender green leaves with stiff white stalks and stringy white roots. Yellow onions are most likely to be storage onions, but there are some red and white varieties also used for storage. So is there a difference between the two? All three (spring onions, scallion, and green onions) are younger versions of the onion that we all know and consume. Popular ways to prepare young onions like scallions, green onions and spring onions are in a salad or as a garnish. These onions can be either red, white, or yellow, and they’re known for their sweetness.

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