The Temple of Juno, an installation by David Best and crew, aglow in the early morning twilight. Sarah wants to doze first, while it’s hot, and the sun is high. The art car "El Pulpo Mecanico," a mechanical octopus created mostly from scrap metal by artist Duane Flatmo, displayed its impressive flame effects on the opening night of Burning Man 2012. I tell Jon that I am not feeling the story any more. The altar that the visionary demolished looks restored. The Temple traffic is constant. I walk out the front and through the Temple gate. We’ll make our way in overnight. The vibe at the Temple now is like a picnic inside the bag of a vacuum cleaner. Sparkle ponies couldn’t last five minutes in these conditions. This could be a nasty night. The following images and videos are documentations of what transpired there. The music was so grotesquely distorted all around me by the wind and the distance, and who even knows where the sources of these sounds were. We put out a call for other burners to send us Temple stories from the same timeframe. This year, I have plenty I want to say. It will be the last time in a good while I’m going to see them again, and I’m glad. Year: 2012. I freeze up and sort of grit my teeth. Messages about addiction. They’re winding their way around her slowly, and she’s writhing and contorting like a bug. I’m starting to fill with the urge to write here cross-legged all night long without stopping. And over my shoulder I turned and saw him resume his grief. Over the next decade and a half Burning Man grew from a cacophonous group of free-spirited individuals attracting many artists and seekers. “Have a good night.”. She adores the Bay Area, but will never truly be a Californian. It takes two trips to move. Last year’s Temple of Transition was massive and obvious, a cathedral to humanity with tall towers connected by bridges. I wonder if he ever takes the exit at the edge of town. I stroll through the clusters of people and see a beautiful group cuddling in front of me. She was trying to bike back to camp but got turned around and ended up at the Temple by accident. She discovered Burning Man in 2001 and finally managed to get out to the desert in 2009, got married in 2012 in the Temple of Juno after spending a month building it with David & Maggie Best and the entire team. They try to muffle his voice. Before 2012, we had never seen his work before. I never wanted to see him again. Since Sarah’s such a common name, I’ve learned to stop responding to it in public places. We have just returned from India and Nepal, spending a significant amount of time in the Himalayas and in Tibetan colonies in India. David Best was an established artist, a contemporary of William Wiley, Rick Griffin, Robert Hunter. But I feel almost nothing. Jon can do the observation for the time being. The music is tempting her. It became a tradition; a Temple at the 12 o'clock position is now a recurring fixture of the temporary city of Black Rock. He looked bound to his life on the earth. I can’t think, receive more information, or process this situation any longer. I have a lot of healing to do. She and a younger lady are bonding over the “little details” of a memorial, crying softly. When he’s done, everyone swarms around him and hugs him. Roughly. His arms and legs flail like rubber. Small altars within the perimeter provided room for offerings and memorials. “Happy Burning Man!” she says and waves her little hands. We’re on the ground, Sarah’s Therm-a-Rest® is flat, and we have no backrest. He’s still lying there. No shirt, slightly receded hairline, singing “blackbird, fly… blackbird, fly-y-y…” over and over again. Jon: I balked at the idea at first. We’ve relocated to the deep side, right against the Temple. They are a stranger to you now, just another person. She smiles and says it again, “Happy Burning Man!”. The ritual goes on quietly inside, but sitting by the doorway, I can barely tell. He looks lonely and vulnerable, like he realizes and deeply regrets what he just said. I presume she went inside the Temple, but she left her things here. The scene is still beautiful at night, though. They’re unwrapping another bundle now. They’ll just smile and nod politely and tune me out. “Can you say ‘Happy Burning Man?’” her father asks her as they prepare to leave. They’re a plague on my well-being. I feel dizzy from lack of sleep. I’m writing furiously. The dancer is totally wrapped now, a complete cocoon. “Steve Jobs… Steve Jobs.” His voice is clear for the first time. I have become unhinged from all that has happened in the past 24 hours. He moves to follow. The cuddle puddlers are from Oakland, like we are. I know he isn’t right for me, and now neither is she. “We’re all visionaries.”. It’s dusty as hell, but the full moon is up. I bet they think what we’re doing is weird. Sarah and I are nearly at the point of heckling them. Crinkly Pants Guy is right behind us. The rangers are here. Dusk is coming with no break in the weather. He shuffles around the corner, and we can’t stop laughing. He was crying, his usual smile and steadiness absent, a soft soul exposed to the sun. There are just monsters swimming around in a dust pool. I am so dumbstruck by the existence of the magical bird that I look to her, questions in my eyes as if to say, “Am I really seeing that?”, She nods her head and says out loud, “Yes, it’s a hummingbird.

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