After this, the threads will be ready for the next sewing operation immediately. The machine is highly rated because of its high performance and excellent features.this is the Brother pq1500sl review article with all the details of this sewing machine. You can reach the ideal tension you want by adjusting the dial. Find official Brother PQ1500SL FAQs, videos, manuals, drivers and downloads here. Accidentally stepping on the foot controller during this operation could cause bodily injury or damage to the machine. Get the answers and technical support you are looking for. DZ1500F, DZ1500FL, LS-1217 ... LS2350, LS2400, LS-30, LX2375, LX3014, LX-3125/3125E, PQ-1500/1500S, PQ1500SL, PS-21, VX3240, XL-5130/5232/5340, XL-5500, XL-5600, XL-5700. Threading the Brother PQ1500SL and a little extra - YouTube Unwind about 10cm (4") of the thread from a full bobbin and insert it into the bobbin case. The Brother PQ1500SL features 4 additional feed dog settings to give you even more fabric control. They have resolved this problem in the PQ1500SL by installing a dial. Threading (1) Bobbin Winding Note Do not move bobbin winding clutch while machine is running. (2) Thread . thread guide as shown in drawing. Controlling the tension of the tread has been an issue of concern with some of Brother’s older models. Brother Sewing Manching Operation Manual. The automatic thread cutter cuts both top and bottom threads neatly, with just one touch of a button. Long story short I stopped using the needle threader and just thread the eye of the needle manually. 3 Pass the thread through the triangu- 4 Pass thread through bobbin winding lar hole. Get the answers and technical support you are looking for. Pull the thread to the left and check that it is caught on the hook. Find official Brother PQ1500SL FAQs, videos, manuals, drivers and downloads here. ... please contact Brother customer service: Go to the Contact Us section; Related Models. (A) Hook. Re: Brother PQ1500SL threading problem I have the Brother PQ1500 SL and yes the needle threader is a challenge. Pull the trailing thread into the slot then down and to the left, as shown in fig B-2, until it enters the delivery eye under the tension spring (fig B-3). Brother is an electronics company that manufactures quality sewing machines. PQ1500S sewing machine pdf manual download. (see fig B-1). The Brother pq1500sl is a quality computerized sewing machine manufactured by this brand. Brother PQ1500SL – Overview & Features. 70% of the time I get the thread thru the eye of the needle in the first try. The purpose of … Lower bobbin threading. 5 - 0: See the following illustrations. Brother Quilting and Sewing Machine, PQ1500SL, High-Speed Quilting and Sewing, 1500 Stitches Per Minute, Automatic Needle Threader, Retractable Drop Feed Dog Control From the manufacturer PQ1500SL High Speed Sewing Machine Upper Threading Please turn off the power before using automatic needle threader. Sewing speed of 1,500 stitches per minute.It’s one of the features that qualify this model for a heavy-duty or semi-industrial machine, since the sewing speed of your average portable machine doesn’t go over 850 stitches per minute. While holding the thread gently, return the needle threader lever to the right. Turn the needle threader lever all the way in the direction of and when the hook extends from the needle hole, pull the thread in the direction of to catch it on the hook. Automatic Thread Cutter. View and Download Brother PQ1500S operation manual online. Spool Cap Spool of Thread 1 Raise the thread … Content Feedback.

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