Philip's SteaksPhiladelphia To avoid the nonsense and just get a decent steak sandwich on your way home from Shop-Rite, Philip's in South Philly gets it done. Don't look for a club sandwich or mayonnaise-heavy sides here — the menu has wraps, party potatoes, and tamales but mostly skews Italian. Deceptively straightforward, the hulking sandwich features choice baked chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, and a housemade special sauce, all served on crunchy French bread. Versatile items like Muffuletta mix can be used as a condiment. Any way of cooking chicken breast is surely filling and tasty. Al's Italian Beef ChicagoThe Italian Beef is considered Chicago's signature sandwich, so what better place to have one than at the original shop that claims to have invented the recipe? Lower in sodium, higher in protein, and free of all the artificial ingredients of its sister brand, Oscar Mayer finally churns out an okay product with their NaturalMesquite Smoked Turkey. One slice has 69 calories. Two ounces of beef already has 70 calories and 30mg of cholesterol. Order a Surf and Turf and get the two things Kelly's is known for: a lobster roll and a roast beef sandwich. Who knew you could screw up chicken this much? Not only in nutritionals, but also in ingredients, throwing in additives like caramel color and natural flavoring to give their products the appearance of looking good and tasting good. They have catering options, too. Get the best food tips and diet advice every day. The legendary Dad's Killer Sandwich is a beast consisting of roast beef, turkey breast, smoked ham, corned beef, pepper cheese, Swiss cheese, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, Kosher pickles, mustard, Miracle Whip (not mayonnaise), and Tuscan Italian dressing, all on an Italian hoagie roll. The bologna sausage meat mixture is then enriched with coriander, black pepper, allspice and nutmeg. Applegate Naturals Uncured Slow Cooked Ham, Saag's Hickory Smoked Virginia Brand Ham with Natural Juice. But it's the Dirka Dirka that stands out from the pack: corned beef, pastrami, and Swiss cheese with pickles, yellow mustard, and jalapeño coleslaw. Complexly spicy and satisfyingly moist, Oscar Meyer's sliced lunch meat is made without any antibiotics, nitrites, nitrates, or added hormones. Applegate Naturals Uncured Turkey Pepperoni. Shapiro's Delicatessen IndianapolisSince 1905, this legendary spot has been turning out a menu filled with incredible Jewish deli favorites such as hot pastrami, chicken salad, corned beef, and smoked tongue. The most famous ham and cheese melt is the most sought after ham sandwich recipe. You will be if you're going with Land O'Frost's "Premium" Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast, which is mostly made up of the blood-pressure-raising stuff combined with "flavorings" and MSG. It is so versatile it can be used for soups, sandwiches, pasta. Aside from sandwiches, ham can be used in various dishes. Arby's has the meats — and is now selling them by the pound Customers can buy roast turkey, ham and corned beef without the bread and fixings. Of all meat consumed, deli meat comprises 15%, which is significant, considering the large chunks of meat at that is eaten per day. Do this, and you won't fall prey to one of the little things making you fatter and fatter—ignoring sodium! Check out these foods that lower cholesterol! Not only in nutritionals, but also in ingredients, throwing in additives like caramel color and natural flavoring to give their products the appearance of looking good and tasting good. Rein's New York Style Deli VernonJust off Interstate 84, Rein's is a must-visit that offers all the delicious trimmings of a classic Jewish deli. For the signature sandwich, The Bobbie — named for the siblings' aunt — the shop slow roasts whole turkeys and serves the meat, hand-shredded, on a fresh roll with cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo — essentially the perfect combo of Thanksgiving leftovers, but available year-round. We know we're about to break the hearts of lunch-preparing moms and dads everywhere, but those cold cuts might not be trustworthy. "Bizarre but likable," the Idaho Statesmen decrees. It specializes in making homemade sauces with all kinds of fresh Texas peppers. Available in three sizes: Amateur (a quarter-pound of meat and cheese), Rookie (a half-pound of meat and cheese), or Pro (1 pound of food), you can customize your sandwich at the toppings bar. TJ's Sandwich Shop FayettevilleThis unassuming shop delivers big with an impressive lineup of crave-worthy sandwiches and "steamers" — Vie de France brand hoagies (aka sub rolls) coated with delicious parmesan garlic butter. To get more protein—and way less sodium—go with Applegate's humanely-raised lunch meat. And it's not just about your kiddos; you could be sabotaging your own figure. Morris' Deli LouisvilleThis no-frills deli and liquor store hasn't changed much in more than four decades of business, and hopefully it won't anytime soon. Towering above your standard club sandwich, the signature sandwich is made with a foot-tall loaf of bread that's hollowed out, filled with ingredients and served upright. Pure beef meat can be roasted or grilled, or mixed with pork to make ham or sausages. MVP Sports Deli & Eatery AnchorageDespite having a Chicago sports theme, this Anchorage shop has developed a loyal Alaskan following for its massive deli sandwiches (including a whopping 9-pound sandwich challenge). But whether it's the synthetic version or from celery powder, it's basically the same thing, according to Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN. Make history, deli-style. Food." The Crescent Moon Ale House is regarded as the honorary heir to the tradition, where you'll find the tender corned beef cut into chunks rather than thin slices and served on dark rye bread slathered with Thousand Island dressing, covered in sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, and run through a conveyor-belt pizza oven. It is the leanest form of meat and can be ground, sliced, diced, grilled or baked. Kelly's Roast BeefRevere Roast beef sandwiches are a way of life in the Boston area, and Kelly's Roast Beef is one of the original purveyors. Zunzi's SavannahThe Conquistador sandwich at this South African-inspired shop is not only a favorite locally, but has conquered numerous best-of lists for the state and country. Versailles MiamiA popular destination for Cuban exiles since 1971, Miami's Little Havana is home to Versailles, the place to go for an incredible Cubano. little things making you fatter and fatter. Plus, you'll get a gram of satiating fiber by choosing Tofurky. Cam's Ham HuntingtonSince the early 1950s, travelers have been stopping by Cam's Ham for the legendary sugar-flaked ham sandwich and top-notch onion rings. Saag's cold cuts win out compared to Buddig here because it has more than half the fat, fewer calories, and more muscle-building protein. The sandwich is loaded with ham, Genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone, onions, banana peppers, tomato, and romaine lettuce, and topped with homemade Italian salsa in an Italian loaf from the famous Crugnale Bakery. Don't miss the Gobbler, which features pan-seared turkey breast topped with caramelized onions, bacon, and cream cheese with the option of jalapeños for a bit of heat. What we do know is this: the World Health Organization (WHO) released a study in 2015 linking high consumption of processed meats (which equates to four slices of bacon a day) to colorectal cancers. You'll get the same flavor from Gallo (called Galileo on the East Coast) but for fewer calories and grams of fat and with an extra gram of protein. Wholesale deli meats are perfect for creating delicious deli sandwiches or for a spicy and savory kick to your salads and pastas. Three ounces of turkey are only 88 calories. The sandwich can also be made vegetarian by swapping in tempeh and skipping the kimchi, which contains fish. The restaurant does catering, too. The Red Pepper Grand ForksA late-night favorite — especially among University of North Dakota students — since 1961, this classic eatery serves up a varied mix of tacos, burritos, burgers, and more. The sandwich features lean beef round that's been salted and cured, then peppered, smoked, and seasoned with paprika and sugar and finally piled high on fresh rye bread with mustard and a pickle on the side. Featuring loaves of Cuban bread that are traditionally made with lard or shortening, the sandwich includes brown sugar-glazed ham, roast pork, thick-cut Swiss, sliced pickles, and a swath of mustard, and is pressed to perfection.

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