From Goblin to this drama is like a gift sent to us. I don't care about those cringy things thats the haters said because i still love them and excited for the next episodes about her stalker. Inscrivez-vous pour profiter des émissions de télévision et des films asiatiques, et continuez où vous étiez. Biulbu Feb 18 2019 5:59 am I really enjoyed this drama, cliche or not this is a very good watch. Choy Feb 22 2019 9:37 am Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yayyyyyyyyy OMG !!!!!!!!!!! So we have 14 episodes left and I guess we’ll find out more about her journey along the way but it’s fun and LDW with the supporting cast are definitely going to make it an enjoyable one. I am so curious about Yoo In Na's character's backstory. The main leads are both just refreshing There were no arrogance in the male lead and there were no coyness in the female lead, Lhadymyel26 May 05 2019 7:14 pm I so love this series I hope there will a part 2 or season 2 ?? Episode 2 64m. And Oh Yoon Seo is not your everyday narcissistic actress, she is really warm, cute and innocent. This drama could've been cut down to 8 episodes. Such a beautiful drama...!!! People love this no. I started watching it and i wait for the next few episodes to come, sara Feb 14 2019 3:13 am i recently watch a goblin again and in the last episode sunny become actor and grim reaper become police, some how its kind of same with the profession of the plot in this drama. I was laughing so hard in the first episode when she was reading the script. I hope she’ll get to star in more dramas after this! I’m so glad they both accepted their roles!! I watched this drama because of Goblin. Holy crap I might die of joy and excitement!!!! Lore Mar 19 2019 1:25 pm But i guess people have different tastes so all i could do is just respect others opinions. Hyuk Joon appears to pick up Yun…, Jung Rok confesses his feelings to Yun Seo. OMG Jan 14 2019 7:27 pm Total mistake, shouldn't have done that. Yoo In Na is a great actress. Becouse there is the other cast and Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na are still here. Fighting! I hope to see these two actors star in another series again. Ep 12 was so heart breaking ? Cos Kim Sun's reincarnation was an actress and Wang Yeo's was a is close enough XD. Mega May 25 2020 10:31 am "Touch Your Heart" is an enjoyable drama. Love her acting <3. ? if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") They have a very realistic chemistry, so as a viewer, we all hope (wish with all our heart) they would end up dating in real life. But this one, I'm gonna watch this till it end. Release year: 2019. I think this kdrama was already planned for them even when Goblin was still being aired. it’s funny after i realized that the ending from goblin was kim sun being an actress after her reincarnation. //]]>, //
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