The higher the number, the greater the amount of light that is passing through the glass. UV Integrator Dedicated to High-pressure Mercury Lamp, Difference between LS103A and LS183 spectrum transmission meter, Measuring the Transmittance of a Hemisphere by Plastic Transmittance Meter, Features of the LS183 UV Transmittance Meter, Spectacle lens anti-blue light detection---blue-violet light transmittance meter, Spectrum Transmission Meter for Measuring PC Sheet, Difference between Visible Light Transmission Meter LS183 and LS108H. Need help finding understanding visual transmittance, leave the guessing out of it, talk to your local window specialist. The amount of solar gain can be adjusted to allow more or less light entering the home. 1. d o c) /Producer (Amyuni Document Converter) /Version (Version 2.50a - Licensed to SCHOTT AG) /CreationDate (D:20070806112144) >> endobj 7 0 obj << /Length 8 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream Transmission of visible light determines the effectiveness of a type of glass in providing daylight and a clear view through the window. The type of low-E coating that is appropriate for your specific house depends on the orientation of the window area, and shading strategies that are being used. #�����e��y8�r�FR ��ŧ؃|�ɟ9�e�2�Cl7��*�/.��/ �Z�J#�i6wS�z}�3+�[�)��^�d�Y �m5m�HqNO�<߱�ۛ�!�ԥ;�7�:���&N��U�0��$�[lk��!I�PU��޶Ђ�>´��N�(h��z��7�dq7��%�p>�@�zfݑ�b���~�n�׽��y�vcC6�ViJr��!Խ}l�g��]�õ$�)i%[�����<9���%蟲��2�^���@Qk��P:��ˋ�0 �'�6M٫��(����:��|wm lc���@G!�5"�Mr4��^�)C7D1�#�ƣ�Z�/3;�pv�c[������.L�T��W�N;!d�E����I��v3d(P('O��S�5�H �0�Ň)b�2sw_�����F�@h]�ט jo�d�k�p��y,�*��� �c�u�]yF��i����I����H�U�S(%tH�*$�5y�'�F>���c8�f��� �z�B�x!|f��R�w>v��f��υ�d�t��a��=�i��͘��|�^go�h�&��#7���ؙ��$�������?��3Fv��#�5e(&$�iy"�k��^B�=� 3M���q����Qu�i����ZA!#^�DcO$��̷c_:������'�P��Ȏ�� �����y,8�X/��3ci��ړ9$ &�q��2i gg�"�-�(�#ϙTS6c�w���-���:e�Έ9�k}ȣ�x�ā0O1)������t�L��;�F�d�+-j�"��ռ�+ד�A�l��GV/G�~�*F����w z)�,-.��kw��..�=& Tints can also be added to glass to decrease light transmittance. /Type /XObject This property determines that it has one more use to refract light into the room, but at the same time, glass has another test compared to other materials-light transmittance. /Name /Im9 Solar transmittance, also referred to as light transmittance or visible transmittance, is the measurement of visible light passing through a piece of glass. Visible transmittance (VT - expressed as a number from 0 to 1) also known as Visible light transmission (VLT - expressed as a percentage %) is a measurement of the amount of light in the visible portion of the spectrum that passes through glass. Light Transmittance, also referred to as Solar Transmittance or Visible Transmittance, is the measurement of visible light passing through a piece of glass. endobj The nature of glass is still some of the minerals in nature; such as quartz sand, feldspar powder, dolomite powder, calcite, etc., It is mostly a natural mineral, it will inevitably occur under the accumulation of natural long time. 9 0 obj >> %PDF-1.3 %���� 1 0 obj << /Title (�� T I E - 3 5 T r a n s m i t t a n c e . It is measured as a percentage where 100% would be completely clear and transmit all the light, while 50% would only let half the light through. It is measured as a percentage where 100% would be completely clear and transmit all the light, while 50% would only let half the light through. In the process of making glass, it is inevitable to add some artificial chemical materials, such as boric acid, sodium and antimony oxide. The transmittance of optical glass is measured using double beam spectral photometers from the company Perkin Elmer with special modifications. (5) Use the light transmission meter to strengthen the detection of glass transmittance and have a better grasp of glass transmittance in time. Nowadays, most of the fuels for glass melting in most factories are heavy oil. Stick to purer raw materials. High-performance windows with low-E coatings can reject the solar heat gain while allowing relatively high amounts of visible light to pass through the glass, however, the more solar gain being filtered out, the less (minimal) the transmittance. �s�67��� ���o0=?y�]#�r����O~X�������S�r1�7���OЊ��U[�|���_66�Q�f����%V��U)�-�Br*���m������������'�Ҩ�8k��*p{ߎ��l���8�L�[��E Transmittance can be defined for different types of light or energy, e.g., visible transmittance, UV transmittance, or total solar energy transmittance. In the case of no significant difference in glass composition, the factors that affect the light transmittance of the glass are mainly the following reasons: the quality of the raw materials, the fuel and refractory materials, the amount of furnaces and the broken glass that is returned to the furnace. �_}��"���n���խ��}R�[\ez�9f;�n~�����Ԟ�6�������å�Z]J��� �Sʵ{s�Z�x�_U}���~��_Ċ���+����Д�Mܽ���/��\[���̕�n�1:�����Ͼ@��x�V���- x^�=�UG�� ;+��l�lKF�5�����K00�e����&YOD�6�h; f� y���`�|� stream Although maximizing the amount of light entering through a window is often desired, especially in colder climates, there is often an undesirable solar heat gain. We’d be happy to address all of your questions or concerns. x^3T0 BCC3= #9������R��,aj�g�`lf�gh�`l"�s��=s-\� \V�endstream (3) Periodically scrape the material on the work leak surface to remove the colored glass on the liquid surface and affecting the light transmittance of the lower glass. For optical glass, they provide the excellent transmittance (visible wave) range about 400-800 nm. /Subtype /Image Arrange more productions to make the molten glass stay in the furnace as short as possible. 59 (1) Pay attention to batch quality. << hK��\[���z�9П�|�{��Y]�⎕2 ��z����0T) How to Measure Ultraviolet Radiation Intensity by a UV Lamp Intensity Meter? They’ll help you find the perfect window, that will maximize your in-home comfort. ��F`�R��tn�x������H/����c�e�tㆿ����7��ʙ+����C�oݐq;�5?����^^�u���ʳ�nڰ��绶��:s�{���}��kw��� ��D]��1Ur�;���G���P^ P>!y�@��ڰ��7�Y��nk�Z�����)x��7�6n�̧��Ƨ'��wOx��垉�F��d�v'��f��vg���0=۾�k����i�0�xs�hh����"Q�^�~7���������Fglxݏ!�,Λ:beR}:0�^��G��) ]>'υ�r�@ǭ�l�� �Y�7�h�>���B�:�5c7�kƆ�CTf�(r� This article will detail how to improve glass light transmittance and the light transmission meter. However, glass is very different from other common decoration materials. ���n��ב���a�az1�����v�6D�J/�ZC�Z�Z��hK�7M��H�����kW�(�.н���t��D`��������.%ߞ�͊�Eq�ʺ�K��VI�uy�R3��|郻�W&�~�)�;�>�FS@&�C_q{e{�ܾ�����Ŀ������զ��Gh�J[#�y���S�!�!1�=��14dnkP�K����� /oJ����>c��ͅ����c�)���Gt�x�z�OH�=����f��]h����ތh��4>�4�c��uq�2�O"n�)!O�ȫ�;ʍ�F���CEi4���)��K�>i�;��-e�/"��c��+t���rD��k�;A�}ߤ�&�2.۳=�eխ[_܊c��1��U[)�yonY��z@�D�o$�M���I�d��;�=��Ȯ�J|�p"KVl�b9?��C�[��#���Eq/��bJ_�mߨ�_7�w��p��;8�)�� Ĕ�ߛW���|XL�.

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