Upgrade can be affected by technical viruses[DJW 3] and a pnemuina's sleeping dust. HP: 100 Punch Damage: 10 Abilities [edit | edit source] Active Abilities [edit | edit source] Move Key Combination Description ... Ben 10: Infinity Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. OV This alien was so popular in between fans but very few fans know the origin of Stinkfly, so I … His body is made up of billions of small cell-like creatures called nanites. Whenever he merges with technology, he upgrades it into something far more advanced and futuristic, causing new features to form on it. In. In Heroes United, Upgrade looked the same as he did in Ultimate Alien except his green circuitry stripes glowed yellow. The reason for this is because Galvanic Mechamorphs cannot "upgrade" living tissue, thus making the merge with Ben's DNA incomplete. Voice Actor Upgrade is able to stretch his arms to inhuman lengths, turn into a puddle of slime and shoot a purple energy beam from his eye. He is weak to electricity, acid, computer viruses, and magnetic fields. When merged with machinery, Upgrade's strength is increased, strong enough to overpower and toss opponents. Upgrade is a playable alien character in the game. Ben 10 Reboot Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Gallery. Have fun playing Ben 10 Upgrade Space Battle One of the best Adventures Game on Kiz10.com The nanites in his body are what allow Upgrade to reshape and move like liquid even though he's a solid being. Ben 10 Ultimate Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The size of the device is inconsequential. Upgrade could use his internal nanotechnology to merge with and possess any technology by encasing himself over it. Upgrade was the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Galvanic Mechamorph from Galvan Prime's moon, Galvan B. His physiology also makes him extremely flexible. This is a match 3 game where you have to do your best and complete the puzzle in one minute! Upgrade has a black exterior with purple front torso and purple stripes that resemble circuitry all over him. Upgrade your Omnitrix and join the action in this fast-paced racing game! He can phase through metal and technology. His eye is a green circle on his head that glows when he speaks. Upgrade can't merge with organic life unless it has some non-organic elements in it. Alternate Counterparts Along with Eye Guy, Dwayne stated that there were no plans for Upgrade to appear, but now he has appeared in ". Upgrade is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Galvanic Mechamorph from Galvan B. The size of the device is not significant and he controls it as naturally as he would his own body. [12], Due to being made of living metal, Upgrade is able to regenerate himself. Upgrade was not completely solid, as he can be both liquid and gelatinous. Upgrade's internal nanotechnology allows for his primary ability to merge with and 'possess' any technology within reach by spreading over it, enhancing it far beyond its original design. Alternate Counterparts First Appearance Innervasion Part 4: Mind Over Alien Matter, File:Locked Aliens May Return Confirmation.png, File:Reboot Omnitrix Only Has 10 Chambers.png, https://ben10.fandom.com/wiki/Upgrade_(Reboot)?oldid=1055759, Unlike his classic continuity counterpart, Upgrade speaks with a voice that is different from Ben's. Upgrade can enhance certain devices, such as Rook's Proto-Tool, just by touching them. Max's Upgrade looked exactly like Ben's did in the original series, but was far more muscular and slightly taller. File:Mechamorphs Can Fuse With Nanochips.png, File:Pesky Dust Can Affect Galvanic Mechamorphs and Polymorphs.PNG, File:Whampire Can Control Mechamorphs.png, https://ben10.fandom.com/wiki/Upgrade_(Classic)?oldid=1058275, Also, Upgrade appeared as one of the many aliens when. In Growing Pains, Upgrade defeated Nanny Nightmare. [18][19], Upgrade's control over machines is not absolute, as sapient, intelligent machines like Slix Vigma can easily fight off Upgrade if he merges with them against their will. [DJW 4], Being living metal, Upgrade is weak against electricity, such as that generated by Nosedeenians[11] and Conductoids, the latter of which has been demonstrated with Malware. [10], Upgrade can generate electrical charges capable of shocking his opponents into submission. TechnokinesisOptic LaserTechnological PossessionTechnological Enhancement Technological RepairmentElectrokinesisElectroporationRegenerationBody AlterationSize AlterationArm ExtensionWeapon MimicryTentaclesElasticitySpace SurvivabilityEnhanced StrengthEnhanced DurabilityEnhanced AgilityEnhanced FlexibilityLight Generation Thanks bro for sharing use these facts. Details Classic Alternate Counterparts (within Classic Continuity) Gwen 10 (What If?) Upgrade can reform after being blasted, as shown in Midnight Madness after being shot by police and was shown to be able to gently float in air similar to a parachute in Secrets. [8], Upgrade can make his head or face appear anywhere on the machines he possesses.[9]. Here we discuss about superhero & Ben 10 origins, Ben 10 facts, and we also talk about cartoon hero's & comic book characters at last full explanation about super hero's. The green circle on his head is his eye, which glows whenever he talks. As a toddler, Upgrade could not completely merge with technology but could if he was stretched long enough. The reason Ben still sounds like himself as Upgrade is because Galvanic Mechmorphs are composed of technomatter that is incapable of bonding with organic tissue, thus the transformation is incomplete. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Home World First Appearance the DNA sample of Upgrade is taking from the planet Galvan B, In ben 10 classic Upgrade first looked in "Permanent Retirement" where he stopped thieves from robbing an ATM, In ben 10 Ultimate Alien Upgrade first looked in "Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United" Upgrade merged with Rex to battle Alpha, In ben 10 Ultimate Alien Upgrade first looked in "OTTO Motives" Upgrade merged with Kevin's car. In Ultimate Alien, Upgrade's front torso was recolored green with black circuitry patterns and the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest was recolored green. [DJW 1], Upgrade can reconfigure technology to suit any situation, like transform the Rust Bucket into a battle armor, with an arsenal of heavy energy weapons, or even retractile robotic manipulator arms.

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