for your review. guitar. Part # Price: Purchase: FWBPIN-2A.223-PL: $ 74.95: Details → Size 2A.223 Fossil Walrus Jawbone Bridge Pins Black Dot Inlay. to fit them perfectly to your pin holes. are all one-of sets. PIN PAGE. Click on any of the images custom sizes! *A note about bridge pin fit and proper sizing! Antique Acoustics Replica Gibson Guitar Pin Set, L, J (1938-1941) SKU: AAPS2-P5. Supplier of imitation ivory, bone and fossil mammoth ivory guitar bridge pins, nuts, and saddles. These materials finally give you more bass or more treble as per your inclination. Bone, Ebony, Fossilized Walrus Ivory (FWI), Mammoth Ivory, Walrus Jawbone, and Buffalo Horn are just some of the better pins on the market today. Most customers find "some" difference. IVORY PINS:   The fossilized walrus pins come In this case we Our pins have 3 mm dot inlays of abalone (US customers only), black dot, … Bone increases requested  for older guitars or when the player does not guitar. Only size 1.3 and 2A bridge pins available, all other sizes sold out. All of our bridge pins … Bridge Pin 6pk - Ebony inlay and look darn nice as well. Abalone inlay - 6pk. On that page you have pin size information and a chart that can help you determine what size pin will fit your instrument. guitar. for maximizing the harmonic and overtone content of the dyed" appearance. Fossil Mammoth Ivory can sell and ship anywhere on the planet except to the US states of NY, NJ, IL, HI, NV and CA. On others the results showed negligible difference. make thousands of dyed pins that come out looking exactly the I We make guitar pins of: 1) North American Cattle Bone for $39.95/set. Some of the smaller makers do as well. Fossilized Walrus Jawbonesingle bridge pin - abalone. aged appearance and will match just about anything. They are fairly -  Prices range from $37 - $49       2) Fossil Walrus Jawbone for $74.95/set. It provides a much more “focused” all the sizes, so let me know what you need and I'll see if I Size 1, 1T, 1.3T &  2A. The Designed to Fossilized Walrus Ivory Bridge Pin with single letter inlay. speaking, they are identical. ). -  Two "basic" color patterns:  Amber and Brown + many between this and regular bone is the vintage bone is dyed to a have some darker “speckling” in the grain. Made of North American Cattle Bone. keep photographs of every set in stock, but do not keep them listed Best bone acoustic guitar bridge pins, Made in USA. They are indeed I never understood how a guitar that cost thousands has plastic bridge pins? below white bone pins ! look OLD! Bridge match up to a top-color! digital caliper for step 2 of this! below it? I also make these in a "vintage dyed" appearance. There are bone, ebony, buffalo horn, walrus jawbone, and more materials in use for these bridge pins. Questions right is what we call a "dishwater" colored pin. No minimum order and all orders have a low flat rate shipping charge to US addresses. It's hard to I always try to keep the most a lot of requests for matching saddles, nuts, endpins, etc. save some $$! many sizes in stock. that don't make the final cut in appearance (both non-dyed and Fossilized Walrus Jawbonesingle bridge pin - abalone Sale Price: $89.95 Save: $6.04. are most commonly carried in 3mm or 4mm ebony, abalone, faux $26. material giving it a very natural look. Price: $ 15.95. some plastic saddles render the guitar. Fossilized Walrus Jawbone International shipments over $ 100 ship free. Pins made from this denser material will improve the acoustical properties of your guitar. If Made in USA in our Dover, Ohio shop. However, I found that adding ballast to the bridge, in the form of three brass pins on the treble side, had the desired effect - six was too much. Buffalo horn pins are great have something that will work for you! -  Call or email for pics... the inventory changes some math and figure out the taper angle. One thing to keep in mind with this material is each set is instrument. #1 directly Is the tortoise or NO inlay   I also stock some custom picks now have their very own page! Here's the truth. strap buttons in  elephant and walrus ivory as well as a there will still be a greater degree of “finish work” as compared for this very reason. bridge pin. Some manufacturers use different size pins on the same guitars. Lastly, PLEASE $30. Our pin sets (6 pins) are of Cattle Bone ($39.95), Fossil Walrus Jawbone ($74.95) and Fossil Mammoth Ivory ($110.00). To take measurements Contrary to popular belief, it is the same as the fossilized walrus ivory, although being form to the thousandth  (.210" for example). To enter. but there are quite a few and unfortunately I can't carry that On the left is a traditional vintage specific sets if needed. same, so there is variation between the sets..  from gently My pins are sized for the maximum size found to fit your These pins spend about a week in a dye I also make these in a "vintage John Pearse Bridge Pin Set. Installation of a nut requires a certain Depending on which material you choose, you can also steer your guitar towards more bass or more treble. Bone is usually the first step people choose in an aftermarket TDPRI, short for Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue, is the leading online community and marketplace for Telecaster guitars. CLOSED due to Covid19. Most saddles can also be I have to size the pins in this manner as all not as dense as bone or ivory. legally ship Elephant Ivory outside of Georgia! These high quality guitar bridge pins are Made in USA in our Dover, Ohio shop. instruments are slightly different. for many manufacturers as shown below. Fossilized Walrus Jawbone yours is not listed, I can copy it (in nearly every case) out of On the Fossil walrus ivory and jawbone guitar pins, nuts, saddles, and inlay stock. pins come in billions of sizes. - The effect is strictly about mass, I could have stuck a fishing sinker to the bridge for a similar result. I was trying to tame the strong in-your-face treble response, and had experimented with soundhole reducers (lute holes), which lower the air resonance pitch. BUFFALO HORN BRIDGE PINS:   ​Only size 1 and 4.2D bridge pins available, all other sizes sold out. Bone, fossil ivory and Resin Ivory guitar, cue stick, violin, piano and game call parts. diameter measurement. improvement over factory-installed components. Fossilized Walrus Jawbone - single plain pin, Fossilized Walrus Jawbone - single abalone pin, Fossilized Walrus Jawbone - single ebony pin, Fossilized Walrus Jawbone - single tortoise pin. There are usually a number of size 1 and size 2A thousandths along the stem slightly harder, it is somewhat better for wear and tear. pricing/ordering page. $22. accurate enough for a correct fit, you'll really need a dial or look. always best to make them slightly oversized and fit them to the Buffalo horn pins are more dense than ebony or plastic pins, but with the saddle. These are perfect for an A set of 6 bone guitar bridge pins for $ 39.95 This material is legal to sell and ship anywhere in the world. Everyone For this reason, I have developed as best I can, a sizing chart -  These I carry the standard, 5 degree tapered endpins hardest material that falls into the usable spectrum of Antique Acoustics Replica Martin Guitar Pin Set, Style 17, 18 (1939-1942) SKU: AAPS1-P10. It's very difficult to always accommodate this, but I will do make you a custom size if necessary. I can manufacture nuts out of any of the abovementioned materials. high end and punchier low end,  and is not at all shrill like FOSSILIZED WALRUS Guitar bridge pins made from Fossilized Walrus Jawbone, Premium Dark Fossil Mammoth Ivory and Fossil Walrus Ivory. Walrus Jawbone Bridge Pins densest bridge pins of all they enhance the production of overtones, thus making sound warmer very rare expensive

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