The definitions are not on these worksheets so these only work if you have already gone over prepositions and conjunctions with your students. Common conjunctions include: and, or, but, nor, yet, so. She was poor but she was honest.. 3. The focus with this activity was obviously to teach about conjunctions found in sentences. Ahhhhh! 3. Complete each sentence using the correct coordinating conjunction from the parenthesis: My car has a radio _____ a CD player. Conjunction junction what’s your function? It is owned by Railtown 1897 Historic Park in Jamestown, CA. Coordinating Conjunction Exercises. 1. Jun 4, 2019 - Try our conjunction worksheets to practice combining sentences using conjunctions and learn to use coordinating, subordinating and correlative conjunctions. Basic (Grades 1 and 2) Putting Sentences Together FREE . He told me that he loved me but it was a lie.. 7. Since I am trying to steer away from worksheets and busy… A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about conjunctions, conjunctions Conjunctions Junction: This fun worksheet bundle includes 4 worksheets, with a corresponding answer key on conjunctions. Conjunction Junction Worksheet Using this Conjunction Junction Worksheet, students connect and rewrite the sentences using a conjunction like and, but, or, & because. Sierra No. Sierra No. Answers. Use the word and to combine each pair of sentences into one. Somebody help! 3 is a a 19th-century steam locomotive. ... Two preposition worksheets and two conjunction worksheets. Grade Level: First Grade , Second Grade , Third Grade , Fourth Grade Conjunctions join sentences, phrases, or clauses together. (but, or, and) Sharon hates to listen to rap music, _____ will she tolerate heavy metal. With our worksheets and resources, let’s meet at the conjunction junction and break down this most important part of speech. People liked her because she was honest.. 5. It is a question that / which nobody can answer. I will phone you when I arrive.. 6. It didn’t actually fall off a cliff as shown in the movie. 2. (but, nor, or) Carol wanted to drive to Colorado, _____ Bill insisted that they fly. I cannot get that school house rock song out of my head after arranging this activity for my second grader! Learn More About Conjunctions If nouns , verbs and adjectives do the heavy lifting in a sentence, conjunctions serve as the bridge that link our thoughts together, allowing us to form more complex sentences. We can go jogging or we can stay here.. 4. Conjunction Junction 1. 3 was involved in several wrecks. Oh well. Conjunction Worksheets. It is a problem whose solution has baffled even the experts.. 8. This famous train was used in the movie Back to the Future, III. We brought the food and they supplied the drink.. 2.

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