Her voice shakes with operatic vibrato. Not only was he forced to resign after just nine months due to the collapse of his coalition with the neo-fascist Lega Nord, his principle holding company, Fininvest, was under serious investigation for alleged links with the mafia. Aftert this serious theme there will also be many laughs with the Ultimo Stadio, many comic gags about the game of football. Visit Naples Official è la guida della città di Napoli. And in 2001, against all odds, he returned to power having won the South from his opponents. What the story of these artists does demonstrate is how fine the line between 'authentic culture' and social control can become. I've got some sympathy - it's hard not to cringe at the spectacle of the plump child-star Piccolo Lucio's love letter to Nutella - but there is also a sense of embarrassment and thinly veiled classism against the lower class topics of the neomelodici. This is an ambiguity that ultimately tends to serve those in power, and while Berlusconi and the mafia are two particularly grotesque examples, their avarice is just one face of an uncomfortable truth that extends far beyond the insular bubble of Italian pop. In 2015, Umberto Accurso – one such boss who is currently serving a ten year prison sentence – supposedly wrote a song for his son titled 'to freedom', detailing the imagined pain of being separated from his loved ones. ​This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.​​. I spoke on the phone with Vito, a "fallen neomelodico" who left Naples in the late 2000s in order to escape "the culture of speculation", and all too intimate links to organised crime – "la malavita" as he put it. Neomelodico proved a particularly important piece of political clay for the aspiring statesman. Nello Liberti's track "O capo clan" is a similarly proud apologia for mob rule: "The boss is a serious man, it's not true that he is evil / If he has committed wrongs it was for necessity and according to God's will". They think we're all sleaze-bags." Later the Guaijra Project, a band at their first performance in pubblic, with a review of the Neapolitan song in South American salsa. By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. Much like Donald Trump did with his "Make America Great Again" appeal to the Midwest in 2016, so Berlusconi transformed himself into a champion of localism against the centralising agenda of the centre-left state. Sister Neapolitan is made up of three songwriters: Megan Ellsworth from the Cascade Mountains of Sisters, Oregon, Katie Smith from the desert in Tri-Cities, Washington, and Alana Margolis from the farmer's town of Macungie, Pennsylvania. Just as Diego Maradona inspired this city's youth in the 80s with the fantasy that football could be an escape from the hell of factory work, so the neomelodici seem to offer an easy route out of the realities of today's precarious poverty. shouts a large tattooed man next to me and the crowd screams in agreement – children, pensioners, pets all squeezed together on the steps of a derelict church. Returning to music, there will also be I Desideri, they are young Neapolitan artists who have already achieved success. Bringing storytelling to their fingertips and lyrics, Sister Neapolitan is a band to look out for. There will be a very promising band called 29 & 30, to follow a musical journey with the artist Anna Capasso that will make us relive the myth of the 80s. As I always hasten to point out, whenever I speak of Neapolitan songs, there is a great misconception about what they are. While classic mainstream Italian pop sang about picture postcard versions of the city – of pizza, pasta, and mandolins – the neomelodici sang about painful love, poverty, divorce and unwanted pregnancies. On the last evening will perform Lo Stato Sociale, the band that came at second place at the Sanremo Festival this year. But I do miss my city and hope to return one day, to see it changed.". In 1994, just as the neomelodici were gaining in popularity, Silvio Berluscino won his first election. For the Napoli fans there will also be the presence of, A lot of music but also lots of laughter, will be present, At the opening of the fourth evening will be present, To accompany the evening there will be the gag of, On the 5th of June in the evening will sing two very special voices: from the jazz of, In the evening finale, the music returns with, In this evening Le Vibrazioni will perform on stage with their songs, followed by the well-known Neapolitan actress, NEWS: Thanks to the new online booking method, you can already order a menu and skip the line at the ticket offices on the days of the event. On the 2nd of June: Ultimo, the winner of the Sanremo Festival for the young category will be on stage. Stay up to date with the ice cream ladies!. The opening night of the event will be on the 1st of June, the first to go on stage will be, Maryam Tancredi, the winner of'' The voice of Italy '', will be present  with her first performance in the place of her origins Other Neapolitan musicians have attempted to deny the validity of the label altogether. A local Venetian told me of the music, "This is why the rest of the world won't take Italy seriously. Bringing storytelling to their fingertips and lyrics, Sister Neapolitan is a band to look out for. These three women met at CU Denver in the songwriting program, and their love of harmony and folk music is what brought their creativity and souls together. It's wrong to see the neomelodici as passive victims, some make good money and their audience seem more than satisfied. Discounts at the best facilities in Naples. shouts Nancy as she wades into her audience, embracing their quasi-religious rapture. Successful neomelodici generally work at extravagant functions, birthdays, weddings and small festivals. Berlusconi's face was made to blend in 'naturally' with the crowd of local celebrities as if he were one of them. On the 3rd of June there will sing Noemi with her beautiful voice, the singer will open the third evening, an artist well known in the world of Italian music. At first it sounds like the generic pop you can hear blazing at full volume from bars and kebab shops across the Balkans and Mediterranean, kitsch and repetitive but undeniably catchy. Immediately afterwards another rapper will perform: Enzo Dong. Giorgia Todrani, best known as Giorgia (born April 26, 1971) is an Italian female singer, known for her soulful voice, which is aided by a wide vocal range, high belting register and great vocal abilities. Others who don't comply with the mafia have been assaulted or even killed for performing without asking permission from the relevant bosses. In a city like Naples where the unemployment rate is 22%, this genre is seen as a real-life miracle, a golden ticket – and it's easy to see the appeal, when all you need to succeed is a decent voice. For 'Il Cavaliere', however, this was a pyrrhic victory. Despite a wall of hot rain the pavements are overflowing with people, packed like sardines between makeshift barbecues and overflowing bins. From music to food with Daniele Mr Panuozzo, he will present his ristopanuozzo, also here a reinterpretation of the panuozzo (a particular type of bread) of Gragnano in a Neapolitan key. The world of the neomelodici is accessible but layered. This is the world of neomelodico, a subgenre of Italian pop music exclusive to the country's southern regions. His public persona, as Italy's leading financial paper put it, was that of a "neomelodic politician". Finally a lot of laughter with the satire of Lercio, ready to analyze the current Italian society inventing goliardic news. It is a statement designed to counteract the image of the South as a cesspit of crime and cultural degradation but, more cynically, is an attempt to distance his personal brand from a label that is so often used pejoratively. Much like in UK grime, the lowest level consists of DIY recordings, made on camcorders and mobile phones, posted online or submitted to the local TV networks. The evening of 7th June is full of neapolitanity, it will be the evening of the tribute to Pino Daniele presented by Sandra Milo. Since 2008, the scene has expanded significantly, even earning it the nickname "the market immune to the crisis." It's not unusual to see photos of singers on restaurant menus: one, two or three to accompany a meal. Find out how by. More recently they have even set up pirate TV channels including 24-hour stations that publicise their artists. With a story that veers from the Mafia to Silvio Berlusconi, this is how a genre born from Italy's poorest suburbs became the most controversial sound in the country. It is hardly surprising, then, given the violent reputation of these cartels, that many independent artists from the early days are turning their backs on the genre. A sports association will be present: Afro Napoli United. Started off as a clone of the more genuine Nino D’Angelo, he keeps alive the long, sad tradition of the neo-melodic singers; the modern artists who pretend to pay tribute to the classic Neapolitan sounds.

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