Thank you for a great recipe and helping me achieve what I had hoped to accomplish. I made them late last night and decided to taste ONE. I made these just now and they’re delicious! Is it best to use a silicone mat or something to protect the baking pan when making these? I found that this helped them stay crispy longer. But, I've looked through some of your content and want to say thanks for being so enthusiastic and approachable. Made as instructed, these beans are delicious. I’ve never actually tried roasting my chickpeas, but I can imagine they taste even better than just straight out of the can! Hi Missemh, I don’t have thyme. Binna, Thank you so much, Binna! I have an exam tomorrow right before dinner so this will be the snack to get me through it! I used Trader Joes chili lime seasoning and curry powder and I think they’re great. So thrilled you love them so much , SAM! We’re working on an alternative option, but it’s likely a few weeks out as well. Thanks for the heads-up . Thanks for the recipe, Thank you for all the work you put into your posts. We’re so glad you’re enjoying our recipes, Charisse! Welcome to my blog! Thank you, Aww that's wonderful! You're most welcome! Entiendo que no estàn totalmente secos (deshidratados) cuando se colocan en el horno. The best part is I don’t feel that snack guilt, do you know what I mean? I stumbled upon this recipe and gave it a go! Remove from oven and toss with seasonings (if desired) while still warm. Just made banana bread. Thank you! It actually sounds like yours may have been overbaked? I cut and paste the details I want (including a few piccies), into Microsoft Word and save as a PDF. Excuse me, off to make more! I’m so excited to try this because i like crispy food……. I think either your servings or calories per servings are miscalculated as a 19 ounce can of chickpeas has over 600 calories, plus the oil would make it more than 65 per serving. Baked them today for around 30 mins and they came out perfectly! Have you tried this with chickpeas that you've prepared yourself instead of out of the can? Love your cinn/maple addition.. soo good! His quirky, scientific approach always drew me in. Thanks for figuring this out. Put kale chips in same oven temp … they worked out fantastically too :) we are happy here. Friends, the day has arrived! After speed-soaking (bring to a boil, let sit 1 hour), I pressure cooked for 9 minutes. I admire her so much, compiling her struggle with auto-immune disease and how she used food and lifestyle changes to help manage chronic illness in such a beautiful way. I followed the directions exactly and it turned out perfectly! *Make sure you do shake the pan once or twice when the chickpeas are baking, this helps them dry out properly and get crispy. I did peal them. Thank you so so much for this recipe! Will this work with dry chickpeas? If you like them that way then by all means, go for it , Ok, I'll try with some olive oil and salt. Will you share how you cooked the home boiled chickpeas? Great tips! Any tips on storing them so that they stay crispy? You can snack on them still warm, or completely cooled. So good!! But I have always wondered how the skins effect the way chickpeas cook and taste. This worked perfectly! Really enjoy roasted chickpeas. I’ll try again, but likely I’ll just buy them pre-made…. For spice, cayenne pepper. I just had a handful for breakfast (still crispy 2nd day)! What a lovely comment, you are so sweet Love that you smile when you see my emails, and even happier that you have enjoyed every recipe of mine that you have tried! I had to up the second roast time to 18 minutes to get them all crunchy - 10-15 minutes was not enough in my oven. 375 is the sweet spot so they can get crispy without burning. Will they still be crunchy? They are so rich and beautiful. Again, thanks! Of all the choices you listed, what is your favorite spicy to use in this recipe? If you leave the parchment paper off entirely, the chickpeas will get ridiculously crunchy. Couldn’t agree more with Amy’s philosophy. Did one batch with olive oil and pink salt, and another with cumin and cayenne. **I have actually already made this recipe (and love it!!!!! Note: peeled chickpeas cook faster than unpeeled. How about the “drying”step–disregard? I coated them in a mix of honey, dijon mustard, ground mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, and salt. ⁣ Gimme a colorful Harvest Squash Salad and, ⁣ Okay, but have you grilled brussels sprout, ⁣ Gift-away! You could use any word processing app, even notepad if u wished. I always keep our pantry stocked with cans of chickpeas (garbanzo beans) because I use them all of the time for hummus, salads, tacos, and soups. All I had to do was soak my beans overnight and proceed with the instructions the following day. Not sure if it is permitted to mention brand names, but Kuner’s canned chickpeas are almost all skin-free. This is a great tip to season after they have baked for a more crispy result but I found the spices a little raw even though I added while the chickpeas were still warm. First time I’ve skinned chickpeas and it was totally worth the effort. They’re also great atop things like salads, soups, and Buddha bowls! Hi Kary! Roasted chickpeas are a delicious and healthy snack that you can add to pastas, salads, roasted vegetables, or eat as is. Will definitely be making these again. You might be surprised to hear that the moment I decided I was going to go vegan, I was completely and utterly bummed about it. Spread the chickpeas in a single layer on a baking sheet. THANKS! Unfortunately, in that recipe, it only mentioned putting them in for 25 min….seemed too short as they weren’t very crisp, and I was also instructed to add the spices while they cooked. Really great snack, so crispy. Then shut off oven, open the oven door about 5 inches, and let chickpeas cool inside. Maybe brown sugar and vanilla? I have a bag as well can you let me know how to follow the recipe with the dried chickpeas, Hi Aleksandra, we haven’t tried it, but another reader mentioned the following: “I cooked my own chickpeas from dry, drained and layed out on a parchment lined cookie sheet. paprika. Choose your favorite flavor combination: Vegan Parmesan & Garlic, Maple Cinnamon, Tandori Lime, or Sweet & Spicy Chili. I love the Woolworths select no added salt chickpeas. I found your blog searching for vegan cheese recipes (the gooey mozz is now at the top of the list of favorites!). I am definitely going to be using this recipe again. Yay! Great Recipe as always :) Thank you. It’s a challenge to not eat them all right when they come out of the oven… but gotta save them for my lunch salad ? SO CRUNCHY!!! The perfect snack! You need to either soak them overnight or boil them for a couple minutes and let them sit in the hot water for an hour. I ate half of them. I absolutely love this snack and topper, thank you. Used 1/2 teasp garlic powder, 1/2 teasp chili powder, the second time. Thank you. I just made these and they're really crunchy - not quite "corn nuts" crunchy, but almost! When very dry, toss in canola or neutral oil. You should remember to mention oven temp in the video. Oh that's so wonderful, Shelly!

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