?The main factors for choosing Solid Wood Closets, Inc. was they wanted quality materials, eco-friendly green products, lots of organization options, and furniture-like closet systems, that offered DIY installation. You could spend hundreds, even thousands more on inferior products, but nothing comes close to the beauty and quality of our solid wood closet organizer systems. For those who are seeking a more luxurious style for your wood closet, consider onlays to create designs like lions with wings, scrolls and other elements to add extravagance. After you send us your consultation request, we'll call you within 48 hours to set your appointment and answer any questions you may have. Discover what makes Solid Wood Closets, Inc. different than any other closet company. This closet system with 6 drawers brings functionality and sophistication to your space with the quality of 100% solid wood. var s = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0], n = d.createElement(t); Buy on The Container Store. Our Walk-in closet organizers is eco-friendly; we only use renewable wood source, which means that no tree is cut unless a new one is planted in its place, thus protecting our environment by maintaining our natural resources. Therefore, you can enjoy beautiful and real wood custom closet organizers, and feel good about having a green/eco-friendly product in your home. Design and order your custom closet system online, we ship in 2 days. For those that want the look of wood but not the expense, a hybrid of melamine with solid wood edges is a favorite. s.parentNode.insertBefore(n, s); to 48 in. © 2020 ClosetMaid LLC. With do-it-yourself easy installation, our closet organizer systems can fit a closet space up to 10' wide, and can be reduced and expanded in size with a variety of. Panels and shelves are made from veneer on plywood while the fronts can have solid wood edges added to them. For many, the closet is a very special place that is no longer being overlooked and designed only for function. Perhaps, you’ll want more subtle options with a more colonial and subdued look and feel. When you decide to move, you can take it with you, or leave it to add value to your home. Just contact us and we will be happy to help. Suggested site content and search history menu. Developers and builders who are looking for a little extra edge over competing home sellers can offer our quality closet shelving systems as an inexpensive incentive to prospective home buyers. Now that your wood system has all the essentials, you’ll want to consider the final element – the finish. ClosetMaid offers DIY wood laminate closet storage systems and real wood shelving kits for use inside or outside of the closet in your bedroom, pantry and more. Sign up or call us and speak to your local office for more detailsGet More Info. Even wood closets in a distressed or rustic look lean toward luxury. Our flexible, modular, and simple design makes our closet storage systems very easy to install. Whether you are looking for closet design or installation help, our professional designers and installers are ready to help, by phone, email, or fax. Best to tell the service coordinator when booking the design appointment that there is a serious interest in exploring wood. Press enter to collapse or expand the menu. Flexible and modular closet systems design that can be configured and installed in a variety of ways to fit your desired look and custom closet organization needs. They can store designer suits and shoes behind doors within the closet storage system that feels more masculine and slightly rustic — styles as well as more elegant designs. During the design process, your designer will integrate complementary accessories and embellishments like architectural moldings, solid wood doors and drawer fronts. We use cookies and IP address to provide you with the best possible experience. Wood edges come in many profiles allowing one to customize their system in many unique ways. Your designer will provide recommendations based on your current needs and the area of workable space. Best for Walk-Ins: Elfa Classic Platinum Walk-In Closet. Click accept to continue browsing. The maximum number of products that can be compared is 4. Nowadays master bedroom walk-in closets are essentially an extension of the bedroom, and so the design must complement the room’s aesthetic and suit the personal tastes of the homeowner. Walk In Closet Organizer Adjustable Shelves, Closet Organizer Hanger Rods With Flanges. Men, in particular, are gravitating towards the richness of wood closet systems adding a cabinetry style finish to them. Our shipping department can pack and ship your closet order anywhere, no matter how small or large your order is, it will arrive safely. Buyers until recently have had limited choices on closet organization and storage solutions. Show off your DIY skills & get the closet you'll love. Simple to use online closet design tool is available to anyone who wants to design and price our closet systems. Typically wood closets are designed in a similar way to any other storage system, so a designer will begin with an organizational layout or floor plan while assessing your clothing collection and space. Real Wood. A budget for the project will also be a consideration to discuss with the designer since wood is more costly than working in melamine. This item has been successfully added to your list. To find out more about our renewable source wood, click. "use strict"; The wood-finish closet system adds an air of glamour with its natural intricate texture and color. Featuring 3 closet rods that expand from 30 in. You do not need any carpentry skills to install your custom solid wood closet organizers; only basic tool skill is needed. All Rights Reserved. A baseboard clearance built into the design of the floor standing vertical tower so you do not have to remove or cut your existing baseboard. Our designers can recommend a wide variety of options including moldings and millwork in Acanthus Leaves, Rope, Egg, and Dart. Few if any other Closet Companies offer in-house staining and painting as Closet Factory does. Impress friends & family with your DIY skills. These systems trend more and more toward extravagant and luxurious-looking designs and can be traditional or modern styles. We only use 100-Percent Solid Hardwood to construct our quality Closet Systems. These systems trend more and more toward extravagant and luxurious-looking designs and can be traditional or modern styles. Three beautiful colors are available to choose from that can blend in with any home decor: Maple Spice, Cherry, and Espresso. W - 113 in. Wood Closets Add Natural Glamour. SpaceCreations Product Temporarily Unavailable. There are many different types of wood closets to choose from like walk-ins, dressing rooms, and wardrobe closets. Closet Factory offers sustainable woods responsibly sourced. Select the option that best fits your comfort zone, and works within community restrictions currently in place. Heavy-duty metal brackets and connectors ensure stability. Furthermore, harmful and toxic cancer causing chemicals, such as Formaldehyde, was also found in some of the engineered or manufactured wood products: Our closet organizer systems is different. It is very easy to use, and you can create and price your dream closet in minutes. With a high-end custom cabinet and closet maker, a buyer will most likely get quality wood products but at a significant costs weighing on ones budget. We offer you Formaldehyde free, full panel (not ventilated), furniture-quality, modular, floor standing, eco-friendly, 100-percent real solid hardwood closet organizer systems at a reasonable price. Closet systems can range from ultra-affordable to totally lavish—it just depends on what your needs are and what aesthetic you're going for. Our closet organizers is made with 3/4" thick real solid wood, full panels (not ventilated); we only use the finest quality cut solid hardwood available, then we use state of the art wood paneling process, cut, smooth and hand stain every piece, and use multi layer finish process to furniture-quality. See solidwoodclosets.com closet systems and organizers featured on DIY Network show "Dream House". White Custom Closet Organizer is a perfect start to redefining closet storage. }(document, "script")); That is why our closet systems is elegant, beautiful, and they are in a class of their own.

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