Litter size increases with normal rather than reduced light intensity (Geyer and Rogers 1979) and with increased maternal size (Fitzgerald and Madison 1983). Richmond. Toronto, Ontario. Species at the edge: The case for listing of “peripheral” species. Figure 2. Pickett, K. pers. Both extent of occurrence and area of occupancy were calculated using all records since 1956. 1982). Wild Species 2005: The general status of species in Canada. Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. Jurisdictions and members of the TM SSC provided helpful comments. Fragmentation of habitat has occurred in southern Ontario over the past century and overall forest cover is low. Cranford, J.A. Mating generally takes place from spring through fall with a peak in late spring to early summer. Small mammal trapping surveys in Halton Region in 1979 (Paton and Sharp 1979) and 1980 (Sharp 1980) resulted in only one Woodland Vole captured among 229 small mammals caught over 2,372 trap nights. Additional data are required to clarify subspecies classification (Musser and Carleton 2005). Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Other ecological factors likely limit the known distribution in Ontario. Is there an inferred continuing decline in area and quality of habitat? Scientific Name: Microtus pinetorum Taxonomy Group: Mammals COSEWIC Range: Ontario, Quebec COSEWIC Assessment Date and Status Change: November 2010 COSEWIC Status: Special Concern COSEWIC Status Criteria: COSEWIC Reason for Designation: . Yearly peak population sizes generally occur in July, with lows in December-January (Miller and Getz 1969). Less than 2% of their global range occurs in Canada. Wilson, J.W. Segregation among populations is likely given the fragmented habitat of southern Ontario and low density populations in adjacent American states (Cooper 2000; Sullivan and Curtis 2002). Effects of habitat fragmentation on birds and mammals in landscapes with different proportions of suitable habitat: a review. April 2010. 80 pp. Catalogue No. In Ontario, Eastern Milk Snakes (Lampropeltis triangulum), Eastern Fox Snakes (Elaphe gloydii), and Black Rat Snakes (Elaphe obsoleta) are potential predators (Oldham and Weller 2000); of these only the Eastern Milk Snake occurs in Québec. NatureServe, Arlington, Virginia. Campbell, Jameson (Canadian Museum of Nature), ROM. Diet: Herbivorous—roots, seeds, fruit, tubers, fungi, and small invertebrates. 100-113 in S.F. Less than 1% of the area of occupancy occurs on public lands, or those held by Conservation Authorities, Land Trusts or Conservancies. Dispersal appears to be driven by saturation densities, where individuals of both sexes disperse to gain reproductive opportunities. 2010. 54-59. in: Byers, R.E. 1985. An ecological study of Microtus pinetorum in Oklahoma. comm. (Kurta, 1995). Gouvernement du Québec. Reeder (eds.). 2005). Woodland Vole density in the United States ranges from 0 to 44 individuals/ha in natural habitats but it is unlikely to be as high in Canada. A comparison of paternal behaviour in the meadow vole Microtus pennsylvanicus, the pine vole M. pinetorum and the prairie vole M. ochrogaster. Permanent protection of ecological features and functions of the landscape in the area surrounding the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario is planned through the Greenbelt Act, which corresponds to a small area of Woodland Vole range. Geyer, L.A. and J.G. Description: With velvety reddish-brown or reddish-gray fur, this short-tailed vole is fairly distinctive. This underestimates lifespan because many individuals are first captured as adults. There are few other measures of dispersal distance, but home range size and dispersal distance are typically proportional across mammal species (Bowman et al. American Midland Naturalist 116: 108-117. Notably, recent records for Woodland Voles are concentrated in the St. Thomas and Niagara areas, which have 12-17% forest cover. Snell and H.G. Walker, Ernest P. Mammals of the World [volume III, ps. Woodland Voles are generally live trap-averse.

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