And given the numerous product reviews, I can confirm this memory foam works. The product meets or exceeds all safety standards set forth by state and federal governments, all without the addition of harmful chemicals. It will also come at a much lower price. In the end, I don’t want to be looking for another mattress again in a couple of months. Also, specific RV bed frames will have parts of edges cut off to help make the bed a better fit into the RV. This lack of convenience seems to stem from these mattresses coming in all shapes and sizes. When you sleep on the product after allowing it the proper amount of time to expand, its manufacturers promise a comfortable, restful sleep. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam 10 Inch RV / Camper / Trailer / Truck Mattress, Short Queen Zinus 8 Inch Foam and Spring RV Mattress / Short Queen Size for RVs, Campers & Trailers / Mattress-in-a-Box MotorHome InnerSpace Travel Comfort 5.5" RV - Mattress-In-A-Box See, these models are incredibly cheap; therefore, RV manufacturers use them as the initial beds to keep the cost down for them. They also have a habit of collecting condensation that can be quite annoying for the person sleeping on the mattress. The foundation of this mattress is made of a three-inch, high-density foam that combines support and durability for a long-lasting and relaxing sleep. Well, it’s very simple: it’s a bargain. I just love how the mattress molds to the shape of your body. In other words, they’ll give you some basis on which to start your decision-making process about your next RV mattress. Regular polyurethane foam mattresses are considered lightweight but they offer little support to the spine and body when compared to memory foam. It weighs 83.3 pounds. However, there’s one small issue: it’s hard to find the best RV mattress topper that will fit the funky sizes of an RV mattress. Not only could I afford it, but this mattress has an additionally high-density foam to help keep this product in good shape for a long time. Now, these two issues aren’t close to being deal breakers, however, I’d much rather go with another Zinus mattress on this list even though this one is a little less expensive than the others. Length is also important, so if your sleeping area is compact then you need a short queen mattress that will not overcrowd this space. However, the Dynasty RV Mattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress does an incredible stacking up against its competition. As you might expect, an RV mattress is made exclusive for camper, RV, or other motorhome use. I mean, it’s still quite a bit of money, but it’s at least reasonable. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam RV Mattress, 3. The thick base is made out of high-density foam that cushions the remaining three layers. Our first product, the Zinus Deluxe Short Queen Memory Foam For RV Mattress, comes from a manufacturer that you’ll see on this list multiple times, Zinus. Although we hope the next RV mattress you buy will bring you peak comfort, there are some other things you can do to ensure that your sleeping sessions are incredibly relaxing and pleasant. When it comes to safety, the Memory Foam Mattresses are PURGreen certified, which means that they are independently tested and are free from harmful chemicals such as PBDE fire retardants, lead, mercury and CFCs that are notorious for destroying the ozone layer. The Sleep Master Deluxe Spring Pillow Top RV/ Camper/ Trailer/ Truck Mattress provides firm, comfortable support so it feels like you are sleeping at home. Honestly, the soreness issue makes this type among my least favorites. And the smell wasn’t the only issue mentioned in these reviews, as some customers complained about the mattress being too firm. But again, the issue of the smell came up consistently throughout the customer reviews. The RV queen mattress or also called the short queen mattress is different from a regular queen in only one significant way. The middle layer allows the mattress to breathe while the other two are responsible for temperature control and zero motion disturbance. Furthermore,  the memory foam has shown to neutralize many customers back and neck pain. Therefore, you’ll need something that will give yourself some extra padding to put some distance between you and the rock-solid plywood base.

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