I've had a H4n for a few years now and everywhere I've read its preamps are terrible and that the H5 has much, much better ones. If you can afford to pay a little extra, it makes sense to look at the Zoom H5. Today, we're looking at Zoom’s portable audio field recorders the H4n Pro, the H5 and the H6. Alternatives to the Zoom H4n Pro Zoom H4n Pro vs. Zoom H5. The Zoom H4n Pro is slightly bigger in all dimensions; width, height, and depth. The Zoom H5 recorder features two XLR inputs just like the H4n, with the added ability to switch out the mic capsules at the top according to your needs. I recently bought a Rode NTG3. The H4n is also slightly heavier at a weight of 10.37oz against the H5’s 6.21oz. There is one big difference, though: The H5 … Zoom H5. So I was ready to change my H4n for a H5 but I decided to do a few tests with the NTG3 and the H4n… The Zoom H4n Pro and Zoom H5 have distinct physical designs. The mics on the original H4n did seem to overload … This is a nice option for situations … Although it looks quite different from the H4n Pro, its hardware and functionality are pretty similar. The built-in microphones in the Zoom H4n Pro use the updated preamps from the Zoom H5 and H6, but the improvement here is minimal. The lighter weight and smaller dimensions of the H5 make it marginally more portable than the H4n Pro. Removable Capsules The H4n Pro … No matter what version you get, all three will record at your standard professional rates. So, let's check out some key differences.

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